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Home Page: Mr. Blois teaching History at Miraleste

Welcome to my Edlio page at Miraleste Intermediate School.  
Check out the page links to find your specific class page.  
You'll find all kinds of helpful/useful info on these pages to help you learn more about history.  Remember to try your best and stay curious about the past!
Use the Page titles under my profile picture to find your class

Recent Posts

Homework news!

check homework posts for your class for message regarding homework

Office hours

good job coming to Tuesday office hour!  There were several students in class at lunch making up notebook checks and chapter quizzes.  Kudos to Kelsie G, James S, Hannah H, Daniel O, Aaron M, Jenna L, and Alexandria S!

Geo Bee Volunteers!

Dear Parents, 
consider coming to class next Tuesday to help read questions in the annual Geo Bee competition. We need volunteers to help all day long, so send me an email at blois@pvpusd.net if you would like to join the fun.  Have a nice weekend, 
Mr. Blois

Please let Mr. Blois know if you cannot follow the hw link

Hello, I'm trying something with homework posts... please try the link, see post, and let me know, email or tell me tomorrow, if you can follow the link.  Thanks.

Wed HW

Practice the 3 d's and 4 corners vocabulary strategies with these words:
SS 7 (pick four words) Augustus, citizens, aqueducts, Diocletian, Constantine, Clovis, Attila, corruption, Justinian, Theodora, Byzantine Empire, or mosaics.
SS 8 (do all five)  Iroquois League, capital, Northwest Passage, Joint Stock Companies, and Columbian Exchange.

Tues HW

SS 7 Look at Chapter 1 and write down what clues historians use to find out about the past.  Describe them and rank them.  
SS 8  Read and take notes on section 1, chapter 1.  What did you find out about the earliest Americans?  How did they get here?  Where did they live?  What did they accomplish?

How to find your one note folder with class handouts

Okay, you are trying to find the course syllabus online and having some trouble.  Well, slow down, read these instructions and hopefully all will be well.  
  1.  Type "student.pvpusd.net" into your search box once you are online
  2.  Enter your six digit id number, it usually begins with "5" to log in
  3.  This should take you to a welcome page, click on "one Drive" icon
  4.  If you don't see your class folder try clicking on the "shared with me" link on the left hand side, class folder example " World History p 1 2016"
  5.  This should bring you to our class folder, look for the columns of file titles on left hand side (might be reversed for ipads) and click on "_Content Library"
  6.  If you don't see the columns of files look for the three horizontal lines symbol, click it and the columns should open up
  7.  Once you are in the "_Content Library" look for the section "class notes"
  8.  Click "class notes" and you should see a list of files in the second column, look for the course syllabus there, once you have found it click it
  9.  If you are looking at the course syllabus page you may print it in several ways: right click print, save a pdf, save a word file, click the word print in the toolbar, etc.... experiment with these until you have found the best way for your system to print a copy.  Some systems will print it very differently, downloading a pdf is the a common way to get the best print
  10.  If you are still having problems email me and I will try and walk you through it next time we go to the computer lab