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Welcome to 6th Grade Science

Homework will be posted on the class link below.
Grades can be viewed in the Aeries Gradebook. Click here to login. 

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Living Wise

All 6th grade science classes are beginning a unit on Energy. The program is provided by SoCalGas. The units will help the student better understand how we use all types of energy and the benefit of conservation. Tonight they will share with the pledge, and the way they think they can help save energy at home. SoCaGas has included kits with items that will help save energy at homes. Please do not feel you need to install these items at your home. Today in class I give a few ideas of using a garden hose to test the shower head and water faucet. These are just ideas to use or not. The student are not graded on completion of the workbook and kit installation.
Enjoy the energy information. Maybe it will help students take shorter showers! Save water and natural gas.  

Conclusion Due April 11

Rubric was handed out in class Thursday. If you can not find yours, click on the science fair link to locate it.

Research Paper and Bibliography Due March 2nd

The research paper and Bibliography rubric and outline can be found on the science fair tab on the edlio page. Both are due March 2nd.


Today I returned each students Hypothesis. If the student earned a 4 or below the may redo it. The maximum points they can earn on the redo will be 5 points. The redo should be stapled to the original papers. Th redo is due by Wednesday 2/22. 

Chap 7 Test and NB check

Chap 7 Test and NB check will be on Jan 12th.
Workbook pages 100- 112 Due 1/10
Study Guide Due 1/11

Study Guide - Due 12/5

Study guide due on Dec 5. Done a separate piece of paper stapled to the back of the study guide. If the students would like to type it up and print it out, that is fine. 

Chapter 6 Plate Tectonics

Chap 6- Workbook pages 79- 99 Due 12/2
Chap 6 Study Guide  Due 12/5
Chap 6 Notebook Check and Test  12/6

Chapter 3 Test & Notebook check 11/10

On 11/10 we will have a 50 question test on Chapter 3. Please use the study guide and notes to prepare for test. The notebook check will also be on the 10th. The notebook check sheet will be handed out a few days before the 10th. 

Workbook pages due 11/8

Students need to complete all questions found on pages 33- 54. The pages should be stapled together and in the back pocket of their folders. 

Study Guide Chapter 3 Due 11/8

Students need to answer the study guide questions on a separate piece  of paper. Staple the paper to the back of the study guide. For the vocabulary terms I suggest the student make flashcards to help them understand the concepts. The study guide is worth 10pts. 

Metric Quiz on Sept. 22nd

The quiz will cover conversion worksheets. As well as mass, length, and volume.
Please review all worksheets, labs and class notes.
Review session during lunch on Sept. 21st. in Room 311.