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Unit 6 Test

Please log in to office 365, then click on the link for your class. DO NOT LEAVE THE TEST BEFORE IT IS COMPLETE! Your answers and score may not be saved if you exit the test before you finish the test.  Please write down your score before you exit the test.  Reminder: Books will be turned in to the library tomorrow.  Please plan accordingly.



Link for the Unit 6 Test













Light Phenomena

This classwork will be completed with your row in class (except #3):
1. Make observations (as many as you can)
2. Ask questions (at least 3 per picture)
3. Do some research (research must be done at home due to testing)
4. Create a hypothesis
5. Follow steps to design your experiment
6. Research again: Find the answer to your question
7. Make a conclusion
8. Share results


Homework: Due Thursday 5/4 for period 1, 2, & 3. Due Friday 5/5 for period 4, 5, & 6.

Find ANY 10 questions in chapter 3 and answer them. Feel free to use section reviews, chapter review, standards assessment, or any other questions in the chapter.

You must include the page, question, and answer (complete sentences) for each question.

Simple Machine Project Assignment Sheet

Project due Friday 5/19/17
* All students must complete all three parts (build your machine, type your report, present your project), but please only choose one option from the post below (details on the assignment sheet as well).
* The project is intended to be done independently.  Feel free to collaborate with friends to come up with ideas, but each of you must turn in a project and written report.  If you choose option 3, you must use each simple machine twice in your video.

Life science calendar_Trimester 3 Progress

Trimester 3 progress report grades have been posted on aeries. Students took home grade sheets to be signed by parents yesterday and today.

* Please make up all classwork by 4/28/17. Make up points will NOT be added to progress report score. Your makeup points will be added to your score on the next grade sheet (5/26/17 grade sheet).

* Homework points may not be made up.

Please email me if you have any questions.