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World History

Greetings and salutations!                  August 27,  2022
Dear students,         
Happy new school year!     Great first week!  Keep checking google classroom for all you need to know about class. Below is a helpful introduction to google classroom, check it out.  This page has useful links posted throughout the year.  Thanks very much and stay safe! 
yours, Mr. Blois 


ps- if you are having difficulty trying to get the OneDrive class folder to work please click on the file at the bottom titled "How to... edit a file in OneDrive" for a walkthrough explanation
Reminder of the Essential Questions:
  1.       How does geography impact the development of a society?
  2.       How are values and beliefs manifested within a society?
  3.       What is the role of government in society?
  4.       What lasting contributions has a society made, and why are they lasting and important?
  5.       How does a society define its social hierarchy?
  6.       What happens as societies encounter and interact with each other?