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Home Page: Mr. Blois teaching History at Miraleste

Welcome to my Edlio page at Miraleste Intermediate School.  

Follow links to your class, World History or US History.  
Remember to try your best and stay curious about the past!
World History Class                  US History class               
[email protected] is my email
Use the Page titles on the right-hand side to find your class



Using Teams and Assignments in Teams

Check out this video about how to find the Teams page on your Microsoft 365 portal

Breaking News Breaking News Breaking News

Hi students in all of my classes.  Please download the Microsoft Teams app from the Microsoft 365 portal page.  It will help streamline all this online communication we are doing back and forth!

when emailing Mr. Blois...

Greetings students!  Hope all is going well!  When you email me please include your period  and name in the subject line so I can easily tell who you are.  Thanks very much and keep sending me all that work!

Check your last test grade

I've posted the grades from the last test we took.  If you click on the link, the same link we used to take the test, then it should show you the test that you took.  Look over your answers and note any answers you missed so you may learn from your mistakes.  Have a pleasant afternoon, Mr. Blois

GeoBee volunteers

Dear parents,
please consider volunteering to help read questions for the upcoming GeoBee competition on Tuesday, Dec. 11.  Contact [email protected] to schedule a time you could come in and help out.  
Thanks very much!
yours, Mr. Blois

Homework announcement!

Tuesday is a homework free night!  Yes, you were correct, there wasn't supposed to be any homework on Tuesday night.  Accordingly, we will check your "Tuesday" hw on Thursday 

Check links on right side...

If you are looking for the World History class page check the links on the right hand side of the page and click on the World History link.  

Thanks for coming to office hours!

Several students came to our classroom today during lunch to make up their missing notebook #1 check.  Don't forget to do that if you miss a notebook check due to absence.