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Tips for Success


Make sure you keep complete and neat notes (this includes homework, warm-ups and worksheets).  Even when you’re absent, you should get the notes and warm-up from a friend.  Notes are extremely important, as they serve as a guide to what we have studied and what may be on the test.  All notes should include the title and date and should be “clicked” into your three-ring binder in chronological order.

Ideally, you should review your notes nightly.  If something doesn’t make sense, read the textbook or ask your friend or teacher for help.

Stay on top of your work.  It’s much harder to learn and succeed once you get behind.

Discuss with others.  A great way to remember and truly understand information is to think about it and discuss it with others.  Parents are great for this.


  1. Review notes.  If you don’t understand something from your notes, check with your textbook, friend, or teacher.

  1. Review possible essay questions.  Most of these long essay questions will be given before the test.  Therefore, you can think about and prepare answers.  You may also want to practice writing the essay.

  1. Review meaning of key terms.

  1. Think of possible short answer questions.  (These are questions that require about 3-5 sentences to answer.)

  1. Study the night before the review day in class.  That way, the review day serves as a “practice test”, showing what you still need to study.

  1. Have a parent or friend quiz you from notes and your list of possible short answer questions.