Course Policy

Mrs. Chetanna

Cohort 5

Rm. 304

Around the World in 19 Days

Welcome to Around the World in 19 Days!  In this class, we’ll be “traveling” to a new country each day and learning about the culture of that country.  We’ll start with a general overview of the climate, language, and geography of the most important cities.  Then, we’ll dive more into the traditions and sites there.  We may try food, learn games, do traditional crafts, learn key phrases, or act out stories.  In the last week, you will be given an opportunity to research and present information on a country in which you are interested.  


You don’t need to bring any supplies to this class unless you have a favorite pencil or pen to write with.  Your supply fee covers all necessary supplies, and you’ll have some to take home, too.  All I ask is that you bring your curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Online platforms 

General information for this class will be available on edlio and google classroom.  My edlio is found under the MIS website.  Here is the link.  (If you’re going to MIS, feel free to check out the school’s entire web site at  From there, you may also join our class in google classroom.  Very little will be done online, but whatever is will be through google classroom.  If for any reason we are required to work from home, our class will meet via the google meet associated with our google classroom.  I will show this to students on our first day together.  

Classroom Policies

My number one policy is that everyone in the class should show respect for each other and themselves.  This class is all about trying and hopefully enjoying new things.  Each of us will have our own preferences and experiences, and I want everyone to feel free to share those with each other.  Please be kind to each other - Part of the summer school experience is to meet new people.  We will sometimes work in groups or partners, and students will be expected to show courtesy and tolerance for each other.  

I look forward to meeting all of you on June 21!  


Mrs. Chetanna