Online Homework Policy

  1. Assignments are posted and submitted on Teams.​
  2.  Weekly homework check –I will still post homework daily, but if you want to upload weekly instead of daily, I will only be checking on Friday.  ​
  3. You may still turn in work daily and see the verification on Teams that you've turned them in.​
  4. Late assignments are still accepted – If you're a little late or had a difficult time starting, no problem.  Turn in the old assignments as you complete them.  Please attach to an e-mail to me so I'm sure to change Aeries. ​
  5. If I've made a mistake in your grade, please attach the document to the e-mail or tell me it's on Teams.  ​
  6. Don't stress!  If you have any questions?  Just ask.  If you need extra time, ok.  It's all about flexibility.  Just let me know if you need something!