Farewell for now

It’s been quite a year, and we have all learned and grown so much!  We started out on campus, having our barbarians sack Rome, persuading our UN to help our African country, learning the map of Asia, and experiencing Japanese culture with our bunkasai.   We got to experience the feudal system, living as monarch, knight, peasant or serf.  After the plague took out 1/3 of our class, we transitioned to the Renaissance and started our research.  Little did we know how a pandemic in the real world would change our lives.   

We had to be flexible, patient, and persistent in our transition to distance learning.   We figured out how to attach files, use Teams, read directions, zoom, and budget our time.  You’ve learned some great new skills while we’ve been at a distance. Your most recent project looked at the events in our lives today that will have a major impact on our future as a country.  Other issues, too, will require the perseverance of your generation.  I encourage you with the words of Mahatma Gandhi, Be the change you wish to see in the world.”   

I will be having an “open house zoom” on Thursday afternoon for anyone who would like to chat and say farewell for now.   

Seize your summer.  Enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.  I look forward to a time when it’s safe to all come on campus.  Be well and take care!