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Assignment for Thursday 6/4

Good morning guys! Your assignment for today and the next week is to check AERIES and complete any and all work that you may be missing. I will be accepting late work for FULL credit until Wednesday June 10th at 3:00 PM. AERIES is up to date as of 11:00 this morning. Please follow these guidelines if you submit any missing work:
-Include the assignment title in the subject line of the email.
- If sending more than one assignment, please send them as attachments in ONE email, DO NOT share multiple assignments with me.
As always, please submit to riederj@pvpusd.net and let me know if you have any questions.

Assignment for Monday 6/1

Good morning guys! Due to technical issues beyond my control, I was not able to upload today's assignment. We will pick up where we left off tomorrow. Thanks and be safe!

Assignment for Tuesday 5/26

Good morning guys! I hope you all had an awesome "long" weekend! Hopefully some of you got a chance to head to the beach. We are beginning a new chapter this week that deals with western expansion and the "wild west" (think back to the future III) Click on this box to download today's assignment. Remember to submit to riederj@pvpusd.net 

Assignment for Thursday 5/21

Good morning guys! Please click on the post to download today's assignment. While I don't assign anything on Fridays, I will not be assigning work next Monday as it's Memorial Day. 
Some of you are still missing work from this week and last. Remember, you can still submit it for full credit. Remember to submit to riederj@pvpusd.net 

Assignment for Thursday 5/14

Good morning guys! I'm having trouble uploading today's assignment so I'm going to hold off until next week. Remember, you have until 3:00 PM tomorrow (Friday) to submit ANY missing work for FULL credit. After the deadline, any missing assignments will become zeros. 

Assignment for Wednesday 5/13

Good morning guys! Click on this link to download today's assignment. As a reminder, you will have until 3:00 PM this Friday to submit any work you are missing for full credit. After the deadline, all missing assignments will become zeros. Remember to submit to riederj@pvpusd.net

Assignment for Tuesday 5/12

Good morning guys! We have finished the chapter on the Civil War and will be moving on to chapter 16 tomorrow. Today will be another catch up day to allow those of you with missing assignments to get them submitted. AERIES is up to date as of 10:45 this morning. For those of you who are not sure if you're missing anything, here's what to do:
1. Log onto AERIES.
2. Check for ANY missing assignments.
3. Please attach missing assignments to ONE email and send to riederj@pvpusd.net (PLEASE DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE EMAILS)
4. You have until 3:00 PM Friday 5/15 to submit work for FULL credit. ALL ASSIGNMENTS NOT TURNED IN BY THE DEADLINE WILL BECOME ZEROS. 

Assignment for Monday 5/11

Good morning guys! Click on the post to download today's assignment. We have come to the end of the Civil War and will moving into the next chapter this week. 
Please DO NOT submit work through Google drive, I will not accept it. Some of you have shared work with me but do not give me permission to view it. Remember to submit to riederj@pvpusd.net