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7th Grade Social Studies

Malynn Chetanna
Social Studies

Course Description

 In 7th grade, we continue to see history develop in the Middle Ages of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

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Key terms of Ch. 5-6 defined.
*** I can't get the map to upload, so I'll have to make the copies for everyone.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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T1 Extra credit opportunity

Extra Credit – MIS Community Support

Miraleste is a great community, and it’s important to support each other.  We have terrific events going on – volleyball, baseball, etc  For this extra credit, you will show your support & kindness for another member of this campus by attending (or volunteering at) his/her event.  The event doesn’t have to be at Miraleste, but the person you’re sponsoring does need to be a Marauder (non family member please).

While you are at the event, take a selfie.  Turn that in along with the name of the event and the name(s) of the person you’re supporting.

5 points – due on or before Nov. 15 

Although I would love to see you support many different events, only one will count for extra credit.