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Welcome to Social Studies 8, US History Beginnings to 1914.

Please click Social Studies 8 below for homework assignments.


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Homework Tonight, 10/19/17 due tomorrow, 10/20/17

Click on the Social Studies 8  link above to see the homework for tonight.

Homework Tuesday night, 10.17.17 due Wednesday 10.18.17

Click on Social Studies 8 above for the assignment.

Capitals and States Test October 25 and 27.

Click on links provided in Social Studies 8 to help you study.

Forming a Government Activity Directions

Click on Social Studies 8 for assignment.
Please make sure to share it with me by clicking on share in the upper right corner of your PPT, then type in my name Betsy Kennedy; When my name comes up, click on it, then click on send.

Study games and songs for Capitals and States Test, October 25 and 27

Look in Social Studies 8 above.

Constitution Boat due tomorrow

Constitution Boat directions are posted in Social Studies 8 link above.  This is for those who did not finish during class.

American Revolution Map and Directions due tomorrow!

Click on Social Studies 8 above, scroll down and you will find the directions and a map in case you want to redo it if you mess up.
PS: This is the map we've been working on during class the past 1.5 weeks.

Homework Tonight, 9/25/17 STUDY FOR TEST THIS FRIDAY, Sept 29, 2017

The study guide has been in Edlio for over a week now, so please use it to study.  Click on Social Studies 8 and scroll down, or click on all assignments and you will see it there.

Ch 2 PowerPoint in Assignments.

Please check the red, underlined notes and use them on your study guide for the test.

Homework tonight, 9/21/17 due tomorrow 9/22/17

Click on Social Studies 8 for the assignment or check your planner as you were supposed to write it into your planner at the beginning of class.

Chapter 2 and 3 Test Study Guide

Click on Social Studies 8 to see the study guide.  Please be aware that there are no points attached to the study guide.

Social Studies 8 covers the beginning of our country up to 1914, just prior to WW2.
We will be studying the Constitution, the early days of our Republic and then the growth of our nation.