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Welcome to Social Studies 8, US History Beginnings to 1914.

Please click Social Studies 8 below for homework assignments.

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Ch 18, Cultural Fair Project due June 2nd, 2017.

Click on Social Studies 8  above to see the project directions.

Ch 17-19 Flip Book Assignment due by end of period, Tuesday, May 23rd.

See Social Studies 8 above for details of this assignment.

Third Trimester Extra Credit

Due, MONDAY, June 5th, 2017.


Click on Social Studies 8 above for details.

Third Trimester Final Study Guide

Click on Social Studies 8  above and see the study guide there.  The Final is on May 17th.  You need to scroll down past the homework for this week to see it.

Homework for next week Monday and Wednesday, Apr 24th, and 26th, is in assignments. Click on Social Studies 8 above and you'll see it.

This is for those of you who have more time over the weekend than you do after school next week, especially for those of you in the play.

Ch 14 Worksheets

Have been working on these worksheets all last week, now due tomorrow at the beginning of class.
Worksheets in Social Studies 8, so click above on the link.

Homework: Active Classroom #5 Atlas of US History: The Civil War Begins

HOMEWORK due Tuesday, April 18 by midnight (as April 19th is a homework free night).  It is worth 24pts
Click on Social Studies 8 above for the link to the assignment or open Active Classroom and see it there.

Monday night's Homework - Active Classroom #4

Active Classroom #4 will be assigned Monday, due Tuesday.  It is on sectionalism.  Don't forget to do ALL the parts.  The link is located in Social Studies 8, or you can log into your active classroom directly and see it in assignments.

Ch 10 Worksheets

Click on Social Studies 8
You only need to print off the worksheet you have not completed in class. Write on the paper the rest of your answers and bring it to class tomorrow where I will staple it onto the rest of your completed work.

Second Trimester Final Exam study guide

The Second Trimester Final Exam is on Friday, March 3rd, the last day of the Trimester.  This will be a scantron exam.  60 questions with 3 bonus questions.  
The study guide is now posted. To find it click above under Social Studies 8.

Social Studies 8 covers the beginning of our country up to 1914, just prior to WW2.
We will be studying the Constitution, the early days of our Republic and then the growth of our nation.