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Summer School Woodshop Assignments

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How to use Sketchup

How to use SketchUp to create a wood shop project.
This video is April Wilkerson a professional wood worker explaining how to use SketchUp. Please watch the video but stop it and try the same techniques at each point.
Places to stop
2:00 mins - Open up sketchup on the computer by clicking on the SketchUp logo. Hoover over the logo to verify that it is sketchup.
3:30 mins - Try making a few shapes and changing sizes.
5:40 mins - Practice moving around an object.
8:00 mins - Use push pull to make a 3d object
10:30 mins - Use the select tool
12:00 mins - make a few circles.
15:00 mins - make a few lines.
17:00 mins - Tape measure
22:00 mins - Make a component.
26:00 mins - Make a copy
30:00 mins - Rotate an object
Click on the link to see the video tutorial.