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As the highest circulating school library in all of the PVPUSD, Miraleste checks out more books to students than any other school on the hill. We are proud of our extraordinary readers!

Research consistently shows that the amount of self-selected voluntary reading students do is strongly related to reading test scores: Those who read more read better, have larger vocabularies, write better, spell better, and have better control of complex grammatical constructions. Better school libraries result in higher test scores and we have the best school library in Palos Verdes.

Every single Marauder is taught library skills and treated to an introduction to the library thanks to the collaboration of the librarian and the Language Arts teachers who work together daily, to make the school library the center of learning on campus.

Teachers bring students to the library as a class and send students to the library to select books independently on a regular basis. Along with regular library visits, the library celebrates student creativity. Our annual book mark contest draws hundreds of entries every year and students are provided the opportunity to work in the library as part of the very popular lunch time volunteer program.

Our school library is a vibrant and exciting spot on campus that honors and welcomes every student.We are open to help students every period of every school day. Check us out!