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Mighty Marauder Club

Students will be receiving notification via mail of their status in the Mighty Marauder Club.  There are three levels:
GOLD=All A's and up to one B     SILVER=A's and B's   BRONZE= All A's, B's, and C's
Gold members will have 5 of the raffle tickets placed in to the Super Raffle Bin. Silver members will have 3 tickets placed in the bin and Bronze members will get 1 ticket entered.  The Super Raffle will take place in December.
Forty students will win prizes and will be asked to come up to Miraleste on December 16 to claim their prize. 
The forty lucky students will be notified via email.  
Thank you to the Miraleste Booster Club and ASB for supporting the Mighty Marauder program !!!
The Mighty Marauder Club awards students for good grades and especially for good citizenship. At the end of each grading period, students receive a coupon card representing their status in the club. There are three levels--gold, silver and bronze.  Students will receive "SUPER RAFFLE CARDS" at the beginning of each trimester which they can put into the "SUPER RAFFLE BIN" and have chances at winning great prizes at our "SUPER RAFFLE EVENT" which will be held at the end of each trimester.  As a jump start, gold level members will receive 5 of the super raffle cards , silver 3 cards, and bronze 1 card at beginning of school year.  All students are eligible for the super raffle cards--not just MMC members.  The Super Raffle Cards are given out by all staff members to reward students for positive behavior in the classroom, halls, fields, etc. 
Mrs Godbold is the coordinator of the club and is available to answer your questions.