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Mighty Marauder Club

The Mighty Marauder Club awards students for good grades and especially for good citizenship. At the end of each grading period, students will find out their status in the Mighty Marauder Club. There are three levels--gold, silver and bronze.  As a reward and a little jump start, Gold Members will receive five Positive Behavior Cards, Silver Members receive three Positive Behavior Cards, and Bronze Members receive one Positive Behavior Card at the end of the grading term. There are also special reward days for members for pizza lunches, early dismissal to lunch, gift card give-aways, sweatshirt raffles, and more.
NOTE:  The Positive Behavior Cards are given out by all staff members to reward students for positive behavior they notice in the classroom, halls, locker rooms, fields, etc. If you earn a Positive Behavior Card, you can claim an instant prize by taking your card(s) to the Student Store where there is a variety of fun prizes for you to choose.  Your card(s) will automatically be placed into the Super Raffle Bin for the Super Raffle which occurs at the end of the trimester.
Mrs Godbold is the coordinator of the club and is available to answer your questions. [email protected]     
The 2nd Trimester SUPER RAFFLE will be on Thursday, February 29.  Be sure to turn in your POSITIVE  BEHAVIOR CARDS and MMC REWARD CARDS to the Attendance Office before the raffle begins.  You can also claim Instant Prizes at the student store and your cards will then be added in to the Super Raffle!!!