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Ceramics 2 (Period 2) Assignments

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Past Assignments


Free Choice Assignment 4

Please pick 1 assignment to complete over the next 2 weeks. Don't forget to complete your forms survey to tell me what project you are going to complete and your ideas for the project. Surveys are due by 5/29 next Friday. 

Remember Ceramics Students can also pick from the drawing & Painting assignments 

Below: you will find the links to the PowerPoints of projects as well as the Links to the forms surveys. Make sure you click on your per # for the survey.

Per 2 Survey: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=alG_LzE4eUS6iIMJfbVyeRDmxZJdmXlPvmmMv9kQAXpUQU8zSDdCSjFMUVkzSk4wTVI2Q09TT0ZMTy4u

Per 6: Survey https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=alG_LzE4eUS6iIMJfbVyeRDmxZJdmXlPvmmMv9kQAXpUMkxLQ05TVDNHVFZVUjEyREtYREtZQjY5Ni4u



Free Choice Project # 3

Please pick 1 project to complete over the next two weeks. Once you know the project you want to complete please fill out the forms survey to let me know your idea 
You can also pick from the drawing & Painting assignments as well.


Free choice projects 4/27-5/8



Your Plan for your free choice sculpture is due on Friday. Please submit it to Microsoft teams to the backpack (assignments) The project is due 4/17 
All materials are posted on your class section on my Edlio page. See below if you cant find them.



Check your email to join the classes Microsoft team. In teams we are going to hold 1 mandatory  class meeting each week to check in and go over assignments. I will also have two additional days for video offices hours.