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STEM Flight And Space. (Period 5) Assignments

Mr. Campbell Nimick
2019-2020 Trimester 3
The exciting world of aerospace comes alive through Flight and Space. During this unit, students delve into the history of flight and space, discover the science behind aeronautics, and explore traveling and living in space. Students are then challenged to use their knowledge to design, build, and test the world of flight.

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Past Assignments


Last Assignment - Rover 2.0 Help videos.

Last Assignment - Rover 2.0 Help videos.

Due June 5, 2020 3:00 PM


The following videos cover material which are you familiar with from are time working with the Ardunio. However please take your time and score max on the quizzes and watch the Running the Rover and Getting in Spec to help you get to the Finish. Next week is a great opportunity to make up work. Check you aeries or TEAMS for any 0 scores or Low scores. You can turn in late work in TEAMS or update an assignment until Friday at 3:00pm

Reference materials



Lesson VB#2.wmv




Last Academic Week informatio

Last Academic Week information

Due June 5, 2020 11:59 PM


Short video with information for the last week. 


The following is the grade policy for the STEM for the 3rd trimester. Please check your grade on aeries. Make up assignments will be collected until June 5th. If you wish to redo an assignment to improve your grade. Please contact me directly. 


A = 90-150%

B = 80 -89.99%

C = 70-79.99%

Cr =50 -69.99%

NC- 0-49.99%

NM - Agreement with teacher based in individual situation.


James Webb Space Telescope - The most powerful telescope ever built.

Due May 22, 2020 11:59 PM


One of the major future space missions that NASA is right near us in Redondo Beach . Set to launch on March 21st 2021 the  James Webb Space telescope is expected to revolutionize our understanding of space and the look into the distant past.  Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we cannot visit the telescope which is being assembled at Northrup Grumman in Redondo Beach. However we still have the opportunity to look at this important future mission. 

Follow these steps

  1. Watch Introduction video   -------------https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VqG3Jazrfs
  2. Watch Time lapse------------------------https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=12&v=4rJdhiDTIq4&feature=emb_logo
  3. Watch Virtual Launch   ----------------------https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6ihVeEoUdo
  4. Go to JWST web site https://www.jwst.nasa.gov/index.html
  5. Use the interactive 3D model and the website to answer the question in the handout.
  6. 3D Virtual model - https://jwst.nasa.gov/Webb3d/


Whitebox Learning - Pockets 2.0

Whitebox Learning Rockets 2.0

Due May 15, 2020 11:59 PM


Log in to ROCKETS 2.0 on Whitebox learning. Handle the research and the quizzes first. Them build and test your first ROCKET.  Ridgecrest and PVIS are already on the board for you to compete against. 




Introduction to Rockets and Space - Rocket Launch Challenge

Due May 12, 2020 3:00 PM


On May 27th 2020 Spacex and NASA will return the United States to manned space flight when they launch 2 astronauts to the International Space Station. This historic event will mark the return of the US to a manned space program for the first time since 2011. This will be a stepping stone for future launches to the Moon with the Artemis program, Mars with Starship and paid public space flight. Most rocket launches are not manned but contain a payload that is being carried into space. 

In this activity, students use a rocket launch simulation. Change parameters such as mass, thrust and drag to make a rocket go as high as possible and launch a payload 400 km above the ground.


5/6/2020 Read over the activity sheet and look at the 2 Powerpoints on traveling to Space and Rockets and Space. Watch the compressed video on SpaceX launch.

5/7/2020 Rocket Launch Activity #1

5/8/2020 Rocket Launch Activity #2

5/11/2020 Rocket Launch Activity #3

5/12/2020 TURN IN


Rocket Simulation-


Spacex Launch



Milestones in Space Flight

In the 50+ years since Sputnik’s launch, the space exploration program has experienced many advances and setbacks. Since its creation in 1958, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has sent several hundred astronauts into space. Astronauts live in space for extended periods of time so they can conduct important research and experiments. The space program has increased our knowledge of space flight and the solar system. This knowledge has led to the development of many technologies that we use on Earth. Space travel and living in space is made possible by engineers, from mechanical engineers who design the components for spacecraft to biomedical engineers who design ways to care for astronauts' health while traveling in space. From designing the spacecraft to get us to the Moon safely to building tools to help humans someday live on the Moon, engineers play a vital role in space travel, space discovery, and living in space. From the earliest rockets launched by the first rocket scientists to the latest space shuttle mission, space technology is an important part of our lives.


In this activity you will work to research the past, present, and future of space exploration. You will share your findings with your classmates in a Glogster presentation.

Glogster is a Web tool that allows users to create virtual posters combining text, audio, video, images, and hyperlinks and to share them with others electronically.



Computer with Internet

Access to Glogster - 



Each student will research each of the topics listed below. You will create a Glogster with a section on each of the seven sections. Add a section that includes a picture, video or sketch of the milestone in space exploration and the significant impact that it has had. 

4/28 Today register with Glogster.. go to 



Enter the student code – 82AE77 (this will register you in our class)

Wait for Mr. Nimick to assign you to the class and the Milestone Project later today.


4/28 Watch the videos on how to use Glogster

Student tutorial


General tutorial 



Between now and Friday you will build your Glogster...two sections per day have been assigned. Each portion should have information and a picture, video or hyperlink to explain the history of space. You will need to resea


5/4        Future missions planned for space travel

5/1     Tragic events/mistakes/failures as a result of space travel and exploration

5/1      Technological advances on Earth as a result of space discoveries and exploration

4/30      Unmanned space programs

4/30      The mission of each of the seven major U.S. Manned space programs

4/29      The Soviet space program

4/29      The Cold War and its effect on the space race      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxpC-8f--xo

Please see Microsoft Teams Assignment for helpful links.

Use last days to polish your glogster. 



The great challenge of this class is building flying machines and unfortunately  we have not had that chance to put your skills to work in the fabrication lab. This lesson will be hands on and test your skills at creating flying machines. 

Our goal will be to create 5 different paper airplanes

John Collins is a world champion paper airplane builder. Please watch the first video How to Fold and Adjust


You Tube 11 minutes

You will not make this plane yet but listen carefully to how he describes the building process, uses airfoil and airplane vocabulary and makes adjusts ...VERY IMPORTANT.


NOW only after watching video #1 How to Fold and Adjust then please watch video #2 Paper Airplane Folds - Boomerang

You will be making only the first plane today the BOOMERANG. Please only make the first plane today.



Materials - sheets of standard sized paper..color is fun...You only need 1 sheet to make an airplane but it took me 4 tries to make this one. GO SLOW. Don't get frustrated..watch the complete boomerang video 5.03 minutes....AFTER you have watched the video go back and start the video and start folding...take your time...stop the video...watch it again. Some parts I watched 5 or 6 times. If the folds are correct, adjust for flight. Mine worked better outside with a slight breeze and more space. 

Instructions with pictures are on Boomerang Instructions pages 15-18


When you have made the Boomerang - Please take a video of it flying, or a picture and TURN IN to teams. 


I hope making things will give you a needed break from sitting at a computer. I know that for me, making something real with my hands let's my mind change gears and relax. 




Please take the information you have gained from the Worksheets and progress until LEVEL 3 on Whitebox Learning. Please note that as you move from Level 1 to Level 2 your specs will change forcing you to apply information. Total Score on each level is based on Grades + Iterations + Performance = Total Score on Each Level  25.0



This is a 4 day exercise using NASA's Foilsim, Excel and Fusion 360 to create an Airfoil that you tested in a virtual wind tunnel.
 Please read the attached document. This exercise is adapted from our class as we would have made the airfoil out of foam and tested it on a wing tester for lift.
FoilSim III
Day 1 
Editable document also on Teams  -  Figure out FoilSim, follow instructions and complete FACTORS THAT AFFECT LIFT
Day 2 
Follow instructions for HOW LIFT CHANGES
Day 3 
Follow instructions to Design an Airfoil - updated form
Day 4
Turn In
Please see videos for help. 



Please take the information you have gained from the Worksheets and progress until LEVEL 2 on Whitebox Learning. Please note that as you move from Level 1 to Level 2 your specs will change forcing you to apply information. Total Score on each level is based on Grades + Iterations + Perfomance = Total Score on Each Level  25.0



Airfoils, Wings and Bernoulli's Principle.
Review the Power point presentation then complete the Worksheet on Activity 4.2.3A
Understanding Bernoulli's principle will help with your understanding of the dynamics of shape and sanding in the construction of your glider. 
By 4/10/2020 you should have completed Stage 1.
Turn in Worksheet on Microsoft Teams - Go to teams for editable worksheet



Whitebox Learning #4
Over the next few days you will be receiving powerpoints and worksheets that should help you to understand how to make your glider fly further. This sheet should review items that you have already touched in science. Please review the powerpoint on Newtons 3 Laws, answer the worksheet and them TURN IN on Microsoft Teams.
Both attachments are on Microsoft Teams also. The Word document can be edited at that location.



Whitebox Learning Lesson #3 
Flight and Space should complete the last worksheet and begin to design your glider. Please watch the video uploaded today with some explanations on how to improve your glider.
You will be working in the National competition mode similar to Dragster and competing first against your class, then district and then nationally as you work through the levels. Some people have been busy and already are on LEVEL 5 ..nice job...Top dog is Akiko Kono on level 5 with a 97 % Performance rating. You should be off level 1 by tomorrow End of Class.
Each level has different specs that will force you to reconsider your design and the forces of flight acting on your plane. Future worksheets will help you understand the complex forces that are acting on your plane. This is a challenging Whitebox Learning but possibly my favorite.
See tips video below.



Lesson #2
Whitebox Learning Gliders has now been activated and will be assigned in sections and  you will be required to spend time working on your design. This is the most challenging Whitebox Learning software as flight is a complex feat of engineering. It is important to READ carefully and understand the forces that are operating on the airplane. 
The first section of Whitebox Gliders is History and should be additional information to the websites and movie we watched.
Attached are 2 files. 
Please look at the Powerpoint.. This powerpoint matches the Principals section of Whitebox learning.
Please download the Word Document and fill it in with the information. Upload the doc to this link
When you are ready take the Background Quiz.   STOP



Flight and Space team,
Okay, you should be signing into Whitebox learning with your code and also checking on Microsoft Teams on your 365 login ..click on the waffle. You will see a Rocket avatar for the class. At this location you can check assignments, ask questions in chat and we can host meetings. 
On Whitebox at this time.
Complete the Background Quiz TODAY - these will turn to zeros if not completed TODAY
Complete the Weight and Principals Quizzes for tomorrow. 
At this point you can start to design your Glider and compete.


Future of Flight and Space

We have seen the milestones in aviation but the technology is driving forward the world of flight and space at an incredible speed.
Watch the video clips below to answer the questions on the attached sheet. Share the sheet to the Sharepoint link when you are complete.
#1 Virgin Galactic - Questions 1-3
Way We Go under Purpose- 
#2 Blue Orgin - Questions 4-7
Blue Origin's Mission - Our Mission
#3 Airbus A380 Questions 7-10
#4 Northrup Grumman Questions 11-15
#5 Space X Questions 16-17
#6 Solar Impulse Questions 18-20
#7 Boom Questions 21-22