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Social Studies 8 (Period 1) Assignments

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Past Assignments


Chapter 16 Questions

Chapter 16 Reconstruction is our final chapter.  You will see the attached questions.  Please title your work Chapter 16 Reconstruction.  Then title each section as you see in the attached questions and answer each question, using your textbook and the PowerPoint notes to help you.  All Ch 16 work is due next Thursday, June 4th, but you can turn it in early if you wish.  


Chapter 15 The Civil War Questions

Today, May 11, we start Chapter 15, the Civil War.  As in Ch 11, 12 and 13, I will be posting section questions every 2-3 days.  Nothing should be sent to me separately unless directed to do so.  You are required to answer the questions on ONE Word document (like you did in the chapters above) and submit it by May 27th at 11:59pm.  DO NOT SUBMIT AFTER EACH SECTION as I am working on grading your Ch 15, Sec 1 and 3 worksheets.  Only email me if you have questions.  

Some sections will have video questions and separate additional worksheets, some will not.  All of the separate worksheets will be listed here and will have separate due dates.  Please wait to send them to me until I ask for them so save them separately from the Ch 15 Questions Word Document.

Please title your page:  Chapter 15 Questions:

Section 1 The War Begins


Abraham Lincoln:


The Fall of Fort Sumter:


Section 1 Worksheet.2020 below is due Friday, May 15, 2020.

Section 2 The War in the East


First Battle of Bull Run (Manassas)


Seven Days Battles, Second Battle of Bull Run 


Battle of Antietam:


Section 3 The War in the West

Battle of Shiloh:


Siege of Vicksburg:


Chapter 15 Section 3 Worksheet due Wednesday, May 20th, 2020.

Section 4 Daily Life during the War

No videos; just do questions for Sec 4, adding them to the Word document you put your answers for Sections 1,2 and 3.

Civil War Map due Friday, May 22:  See separate assignment titled:  Civil War Map for the map and directions.

Section 5 The Tide of War Turns

Questions on videos below and from the textbook/PowerPoint are to be added to the Word document you created for Sections 1-4.  When you finish answering them, turn the entire document with all the answers to Ch 15, Sections 1,2,3,4 and 5 by sharing it to kennedy@pvpusd.net.
Battle of Gettysburg:
Gettysburg Address:
Chapter 15 Section 5 Worksheet below is due Thursday, May 28th, 2020. This is SEPARATE from the Ch 15 questions.



Chapter 15, Civil War Map

Please print off the map.  Open the directions on your computer and follow them.  When you have completed all of the map, take a picture of the map and send it to me:  kennedy@pvpusd.net

Let me know if you have any questions or issues.


Chapter 14 Section 4 Worksheet due this Friday, May 8th

Click on the PowerPoint (to open pptx, you need windows 10.)  If you don't have windows 10, you click on the pdf PowerPoint.  Read through the powerpoint while you read Section 4 in your textbook.  When you finish, download the sec 4 worksheet, fill it out and share back with me however you can, either take a picture and send that to me, or copy paste to a word doc and then fill it in.  Make sure to fill in your answers before you send it to me.  kennedy@pvpusd.net  or mrskennedyshistoryclass@gmail.com if you use google docs.


Ch 14, Section 3 Worksheet

Listen to Sec 3 on Ch 14 Powerpoint (only those with windows 10 can view the pptx link) or read the pdf version attached.  Then download the word or pdf version of the sec 3 worksheet and fill in the blanks like you did for the other 2, and send it to me either by sharing it via office 365, taking a picture of it and sending it to me.  Let me know if you have any problems as you have done already.  email:  kennedy@pvpusd.net

This worksheet is due Wednesday, has 8 questions and is worth 16 points.  Read carefully.


Ch 14, Section 2

Click on assignments for Ch 14, Sec 1 and you will see the link for Ch 14, Sec 2.



PowerPoint notes for Ch 14, Section 1 and 2 are up.  If you are able to open the pptx one, you will hear my thoughts and explanations.  If you can't open it, you can click on the pdf version and see the notes to help you fill out the Sec 1 worksheet.

Use your textbook and notes to help you download, save and then fill in the blanks in the Ch 14, Sec 1 Word Document and share it with me.  You can also take a picture of it and share it with me if that doesn't work.  I have now added Ch 14, Sec 2 Worksheet.  It is due Wednesday, April 29th, 2020.



Download and print the map:  The United States before the Civil War.  Open the directions and color and write out the information in black ink.  Please draw a box around each place.  Take a picture of your map, WITH YOUR NAME ON IT, and send it via an attachment to me by April 22.  Let me know if you have any problems.

If you do not have a printer, use one of the old US maps from the previous trimesters, use a sheet of paper to trace over that map and then follow the attached directions. Then, when you are finished, take a picture of it, put your name on it, and send it to me.



Chapter 13 New Movements in America questions for Sections 1, 2, 3, 4  and 5 are up.  The first questions in each section are based on the videos below. Open your existing Ch 13 Word document. Please answer all questions by typing them on that same (Ch 13) word document.  Every day, or 2 days, questions on the next section will be put up.  All section answers are now due tomorrow, Wednesday, Apr 15th, 2020.  The Ch 13 PowerPoint in both pptx (Windows 10) or pdf format are below as well as the questions.
Section 1 video:
Mr. Hughes


Section 2 Edgar Allen Poe Video:


Section 3 Thomas Gallaudet


Section 4: Frederick Douglass "What is the 4th of July to a Slave?"


Section 5: Women's Rights





The following chapter PowerPoints are attached below.  Ch 12 is now up.  You need to have all work for Ch 12 in by this Friday, Mar 27.

Ch 12The south pptx has audio and I have recorded my voice onto this powerpoint. I have windows 10 so it may not work on prior windows, I don't know.  It does not work for pdf.



Ch 12, Sec 1, 2 and 3 Questions are up.  You do not need to type the questions, just your answers.  Please keep it to ONE document and DO NOT TURN IT IN UNTIL THURSDAY OR FRIDAY.   Ch 12, Sec 3 questions are now up along with Quick Write #3.  After you have completed your answers for all three, you can share them with me.  You have until midnight Friday, March 27.  Next week is Spring Break.  NO ASSIGNMENTS will be posted.  Quick Write #1 should be put after the Ch 12, Sec 1 answers, Quick Write #2, should be answered after Ch 12, Sec 2 answers and the same for Quick Write #3, after Ch 12, Sec 3 answers.  The Quick Writes are on the PowerPoint.

Don't forget to join me on zoom today, Thursday at 11am-11:30am to check in and let me know how you're doing.  See post on front page of Edlio to get ID number.



In addition to the questions, which will be posted separately, create a poster.  This assignment is to be shared with me via Office 365 or gmail.  Pictures do not have to be colored.  

The poster is due MARCH 23, a week from tomorrow.



Ch 11, Section 1-4 questions are up.  ALL section questions are due by Friday, March 20th.  The questions are based on the PowerPoints posted, either Microsoft or PDF. This is your daily classwork.  You can save your answers on a word document, then add the next section of questions each day and finally sending me that ONE document on Friday by MIDNIGHT for full credit.

***A lot of you are sending me your answers from the questions posted for today.  Please read the post on my Edlio page, then re-read the directions above***
If you have questions, send me an email to:  kennedy@pvpusd.net
Also, watch video on Industrial Revolution: https://youtu.be/nl_-6WPQ4Sg
Video for slide #11, Sec 2 questions: The Lowell System



If you want to watch an entertaining video on the transcontinental railroad watch this video from Hip Hughes: 


FYI, here's a video on the history of the Sewing Machine:






Ch 10, Sec 2 (Texas Map) due Thursday, March 12, 2020.  Click on Social Studies 8 to see the directions.