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Science 8 Accel

Ms. Benjamin

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Breaking News! Extra Credit for end of 2nd Trimester!

SpaceX Landing Sound Wave Phenomena Extra Credit

DUE: Wed Feb 28, 2018                                 15 points


With the first launch of the year of a Falcon 9 rocket at Vandenberg AFB tomorrow Feb 17, 2018 at 6:21 PST, and because the end of the trimester is quickly approaching, you’ve got an extra credit assignment.

This is related to a very cool phenomena that occurred when the two Falcon Heavy rocket boosters landed back in Florida. Watch it! https://safeshare.tv/x/pa86J7Lu4wc

Wikimedia commons


Those were sonic booms!

Assignment: Use your knowledge of sound waves, and research using reliable sources, to create a flyer for children ages 8 and 10 on the following:

  1. What is a sonic boom?
  2. Why do we see the rockets before we hear the rockets?
  3. Why did the rockets have multiple sonic booms?


For an opportunity at full credit:

  1. Be sure to summarize your research rather than use direct quotes
  2. Cite your sources as you do in ELA
  3. Be sure you flyer is age appropriate.
  4. Turn in by the due date

And by the way, you should check out the launch! It should be pretty cool to see since it’s occurring before sunrise!

Over winter break there is a scheduled SpaceX launch at Vandenberg AFB

Grab your lawn chairs, snacks and jackets and jump in the car! If you are interested in a short road trip, there is a tentative SpaceX Falcon 9 launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Lompoc on Friday Dec 22 at 5:26 PST.  With sunset expected before 5:00 PM, this could be a spectacular evening launch. If you don't want to make the drive, you can stream it. 

***SpaceX is not landing the first stage***



Keep up to date with launch information


How to view a launch from outside Vandenberg AFB.

I recommend viewing from W Ocean. Program your GPS to 5014 W Ocean Avenue, Lompoc, CA. (P.S. There are no bathrooms along the road where you park on Ocean Ave.)


Stream launch online: http://www.spacex.com/webcast

Check out the launch from Cape Canaveral on Dec 15, 2017.  You'll be able to see the separation of the first and second stage (about 2:25 minutes after launch) and a great landing of the first stage at around 7:30 minutes after launch :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0i7-xqRF0s 

SUPERMOON extra credit! SUPERMOON! This weekend!

Supermoon Extra Credit

An early morning PSA assignment (10 points)

When: Sunday December 3, 2017


On Sunday Dec 3, 2017- Monday dec 4, 2017 we will experience a supermoon. The question is, what is a supermoon and what is so special about it?


Your task: Research at what time the supermoon takes is going to take place. Then, weather depending*, head out in search of the supermoon with an electronic device that can take video with. (If you would rather sleep during this time, then state the time the supermoon occurs as well as the time you are making the PSA). With both you and the supermoon (or at least the full moon) in view, create a PSA to explain to middle school students what a supermoon is and what is so special about it. The knowledge you share must be your own summary of what you researched. Go beyond just defining a supermoon. Explain why they occur, how often they occur and when we will get to view the next supermoon. Limit your PSA to 2 minutes then email it to Ms Benjamin at benjaminr@pvpusd.net.

* Quite often NASA or another organization will stream images of the supermoon. If you are not able to see the supermoon outside, this is the next option.


But, what if you are not able to make a PSA? Create a class poster sharing what you would share in the PSA


Due date: Sunday December 10, 2017

Newton Laws Group PowerPoints MS PS 2.1 Extension

Hi science 8 students!
With so many finals looming over your heads tomorrow, Cotillion tonight, and the Reflections lunch today, I'm going to have to give you an extra day. Group PowerPoints are due tomorrow towards the end of your class
You have about 30 minutes tomorrow to finish testing, collecting data and make sure your packets meet both JPL and my expectations! :) Tomorrow, the last 15 minutes will be dedicated to practicing your presentations (all team members must present). 
We will start presentations MONDAY towards the beginning of class. Packets are due Monday when your group presents. Please, follow the rubric. You won't be able to redo any part of the Performance Expectations because we are at the end of trimester....
Get some sleep tonight and get in a healthy breakfast. I hope you all do well on your tests! (but don't forget science....) 
Periods 5 and 6, you may come in at lunch after 12:35 if you need to work on your PowerPoint or lander/rover.
Take care!
Ms Benjamin :)

Friction PE MS PS2.2 PowerPoint due date

WOW, you rocked it today! Your focus was on point and it was Halloween! Couldn't have asked for a better group of students to work with    :) 
Your individual PowerPoint should be completed and shared with my by 11:59PM Thursday Nov 2, although I hope you don't stay up that late. Be sure to follow the rubric AND see me if you have any questions or concerns   :)

Info on Balloon Racer Project PowerPoints

Slide #3 - show forces acting the car when the car is changing velocity
Slide #5 - Change "Maximum Average Velocity" to MAXIMUM VELOCITY. What was the car's fastest velocity? 
Monday 10/16/17: Periods 5 and 6 can come in at lunch at 11:50 to collect data if you have not done so. No Chromebooks available. 

Quiz Corrections

Quiz scores are posted on Aeries. If you received less than 70%, come in 5 minutes AFTER lunch has started tomorrow TUES 10.10.17 and WED 10.11.17. Bring your lunch, a pencil, your IN, calculator and a piece of notebook paper.  :)  You can get you up to a 70% if you make corrections. :) 


SpaceX has scheduled two rocket launches over the next couple of days, including one from Vandenberg Air Force Base this Monday 10/9/17 at 5:37AM.  You can be awake for that, right?

As awesome as it would be to take a drive up to Lompoc CA on Monday and watch it, we’d miss school.  But SpaceX will stream the launches and landings. Your mission is to watch one launch and landing by steaming it live or watching it at a later time. Then complete the ONE of the following options for the launch and landing:

Create a way to show/label forces as arrows representing direction and magnitude during the launch phase or during the landing phase. This can include a video of you talking and describing the forces, a PowerPoint, or another method that can be electronically shared with Ms Benjamin.  


  1. Describe the forces* acting on the rocket at the point of launching
  2. Describe the forces* that cause positive acceleration in the rocket



  1. Describe the forces* acting on the first stage as it maneuvers to the landing site. The first stage has grid fins. How do these help the first stage maneuver?
  2. Describe the forces* acting on the rocket as it lands on the drone ship

*Forces to focus on:  Applied force or thrust, gravitational force, air resistance, and normal force. Not all forces apply at all times. (see PowerPoint for 10.11.17/ IN 41)

SHARE WITH MS BENJAMIN VIA OFFICE 365 on or before Saturday 10.14.17. Title: “SpaceX Forces


Still interested in more? Although it is not extra credit, you can see the first stage from the rocket launched at Vandenberg.  

First, the NRC Quest, a tug/supply ship, has been contracted in the past to bring back the drone ship and first stage. It may also be bringing back the first stage from Monday's launch. While it has been taking about three days to get back to San Pedro, you can also track it using vesselfinder.com or marinetraffic.com. Just type in the vessel "NRC Quest" and you can see the ships position on the map as well as expected docking day and time.  

By the end of the week (10/12 or 10/13?), the first stage should be docked in San Pedro south of 22nd St on Miner St/Harbor. Just look for the BIG YELLOW CRANE! You can't miss it.  You'll be able to see the black soot from the rocket engines as the first stage came back down! 


Since I have a sub tomorrow, you have the weekend to complete the homework assigned Wed 10.4.17 and due tomorrow 10.6.17. Hope you can enjoy some extra time with friends and family!  :)

Breaking News! Extra Credit!! Breaking News! Extra Credit!

Over the next couple of days winners of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics and  Chemistry will be awarded. Be one of the first 10 people to email Ms Benjamin the following:
1. Title of the winning research
2. Names of the individuals who won and the countries they are from
3. A one sentence summary of the purpose of the work. (This part may be tricky but, do the best you can.)
email: benjaminr@pvpusd.net

Additonal HOMEWORK 9/11/17

Make sure your data table (IN 15) and analysis questions (IN 14) for the lab "MEASURING LIQUIDS" are completed BEFORE class tomorrow.  Analysis questions should always have the question rephrased in the answer.
SAFETY TEST TOMORROW!!!  Take about 5 minutes to review IN 7-9. (For tomorrow, think about HOW you were safe today during lab. Also, think about the contract guidelines that you didn't follow....)

How students can access OneNote for science 8

1. Login into Office 365
2. Click on OneNote
3. You should find a "science8" notebook from Ms Benjamin. Click on it. If it is not there, let Ms Benjamin know ASAP.
- This should be the first thing you see when you open OneNote for Science8
(This can also be viewed in Edlio - "Class Assignments", click "SEE ALL"
- Click on the three little bars to the left of "Weekly Agenda and Homework"
- Click the tab you are looking for and includes: Daily Assignments and Activities, Essential IN pages, Study Guides, etc.