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7th Grade Social Studies

Malynn Chetanna
Social Studies
2017-18 Trimester 1

Course Description

 In 7th grade, we continue to see history develop in the Middle Ages of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

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Asia map quiz I date changed to 11/22

locations to be tested:  Russia, Mongolia, China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan

Essential Questions Portfolio

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

I wanted to let you know that essential question portfolios are coming today or tomorrow.  For those of you who were at Miraleste last year, this is not new.  For others, read on. . . At the beginning of the trimester, each child chose an essential question.  He/she then gathered work samples that would assist them in answering that question for each of the different civilizations we studied.  This week, they have been pulling their work samples together and writing 2-3 paragraphs explaining how this essential question would be answered within these different societies.  I’m now hoping for them to engage you in an intellectual conversation.  They are supposed to present their portfolios to you.  Please write a paragraph of response to their content and the importance of the essential question within society.  You have so much experience and knowledge to add to the discussion.  They will then think about your ideas and respond to them.  I know that your lives are very busy, but I think the kids learn so much from engaging in these kinds of dialogues with their parents.   Thank you so much for being an active part of your child’s education!

P.S.  This is due on Thursday.  

T1 Extra credit opportunity

Extra Credit – MIS Community Support

Miraleste is a great community, and it’s important to support each other.  We have terrific events going on – volleyball, baseball, etc  For this extra credit, you will show your support & kindness for another member of this campus by attending (or volunteering at) his/her event.  The event doesn’t have to be at Miraleste, but the person you’re sponsoring does need to be a Marauder (non family member please).

While you are at the event, take a selfie.  Turn that in along with the name of the event and the name(s) of the person you’re supporting.

5 points – due on or before Nov. 15 

Although I would love to see you support many different events, only one will count for extra credit.