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Science 8

Ms. Benjamin
2018-19 Trimester 1
2018-19 Trimester 2
2018-19 Trimester 3

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3rd Trimester **WHAT'S COMING UP?**

  1. Drop Dead Deadline to turn in all, missing, late incomplete assignments is Friday May 24
  2. Unit 4 Notebook Check will occur the school day before the unit exam
  3. Unit 4 Exam Tuesday May 28 or Thursday May 30, 2019
  4. STARBUCKS will be turned in on Thursday May 30, 2019

Extention! Extension!

Your Musical Design Instrument Challenge packet pages 9 and 10 will be due at the end of class on Monday 4.16.19. While you can work on the pages during the period, the packet needs to be turned in at the end of the period for final grading.  

Extra Credit Vocabs Cards update for the third trimester

Extra credit will not be given to students with missing assignments!  

Please, do not turn in extra credit just to turn it in until all assignments are graded. Follow guidelines on how many vocab cards can be turned in per week. 


If a students has already earned extra credit and then does not earn a grade for an assignment, the student is no longer eligible to turn in more extra credit. The student will be eligible once again when the assignments are graded and entered in Aeries.  Students cannot "make up"  extra credit during the period of missing assignments.  


It is advised students check Aeries often, especially when absent, to see graded assignments. Please turn in missing assignments as soon as possible. See the guidelines next to Ms. Benjamin's desk.  

Drop Dead Deadline to turn in assignments for 2nd trimester

Hello all 8th grade science students and families!
The drop dead deadline to turn in any assignments for the 2nd trimester is this Friday 2/22 by the end of the school day. Please check Aeries.
There are more assignments that will be entered into Aeries for this trimester. Please make sure they are ready to be graded by their due dates (see the Weekly Agenda and HW for details):
IN 107 - Revising Solar Eclipse Models
IN 109 - Ch 4.1 Properties of Light Cornell Notes
IN 115- Ch 4.2 Reflection and Mirrors Cornell Notes and 
Eclipse Quiz

Special Sun Jan 20, 2019 HW Assignment- A Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse will occur on Sunday Jan 20, 2019 and will be visible in PV as well as the rest of the USA!

The lunar eclipse begins at 6:36 PM. In your notebook (IN 91), complete a data table for a minimum of 6 evenly spaced observations on the eclipse between 6:30 PM and 9:00PM. Make your first observation as close to 6:30 PM as possible. In your data table, include the following: 

  • Time viewing moon
  • Altitude of moon in sky from horizon using hand for degrees (video avail- see the Science 8 Weekly Agenda and HW for Jan 7, 2019 – Sunday Jan 20, 2019 for link)
  • Describe what the moon looks like (shape and color)
  • Sketch of moon (shape with color)  See details in the Science 8 Weekly Agenda and HW for Jan 7, 2019 –Sunday Jan 20, 2019 and access to a data table you can print. Data table due Thur Jan 24th
Can't watch it with your own eyes? See the weekly agenda and HW on OneNote

Drop Dead Deadline to turn in assignments for 1st trimester (2018-2019)

*Drop dead deadline for all work that does not have a grade is Wednesday Nov 14, 2018 by end of school. ***NO EXCEPTIONS***

This includes work that is missing, incomplete, absent work, etc. 

Homework Extension! Homework Extension!

Lesson 1.6 Act 3 Explaining Thruster Forces is not due until Friday Oct 19 by the end your class period. You have an extra day to complete the assignment and submit (HAND IN)   =) 

Historic Space X launch and landing from Vandenberg AFB Sunday Oct 7, 2018

Space X will launch the SAOCOM 1A satellite for CONAE, Argentina's space agency. This this the first attempt, on the West Coast, to land the first stage of the rocket at a landing pad near where it is launched.
To stream online, access the SpaceX channel on YouTube. 
To view in person, the public will have access to Hawk's Nest viewing site off of Azalea Lane at Vandenberg Air Force Base. (Use Google map).  At of this post, the gate opens at 5:00PM. 
To keep up to date on the launch, follow spaceflightnow.com

Breaking News! Extra Credit!! Breaking News! Extra Credit!

Over the next couple of days winners of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics and  Chemistry will be awarded. Be one of the first 10 people to email Ms Benjamin the following:
1. Title of the winning research
2. Names of the individuals who won and the countries they are from
3. A one sentence summary of the purpose of the work. (This part may be tricky but, do the best you can.)