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Science 8 Accl

Ms. Benjamin

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Drop Dead Deadline to turn in assignments for 1st trimester (2018-2019)

*Drop dead deadline for all work that does not have a grade is Wednesday Nov 14, 2018 by end of school. ***NO EXCEPTIONS***

This includes work that is missing, incomplete, absent work, etc. 

Homework Extension! Homework Extension!

Lesson 1.6 Act 3 Explaining Thruster Forces is not due until Friday Oct 19 by the end your class period. You have an extra day to complete the assignment and submit (HAND IN)   =) 

Historic Space X launch and landing from Vandenberg AFB Sunday Oct 7, 2018

Space X will launch the SAOCOM 1A satellite for CONAE, Argentina's space agency. This this the first attempt, on the West Coast, to land the first stage of the rocket at a landing pad near where it is launched.
To stream online, access the SpaceX channel on YouTube. 
To view in person, the public will have access to Hawk's Nest viewing site off of Azalea Lane at Vandenberg Air Force Base. (Use Google map).  At of this post, the gate opens at 5:00PM. 
To keep up to date on the launch, follow spaceflightnow.com

Breaking News! Extra Credit!! Breaking News! Extra Credit!

Over the next couple of days winners of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics and  Chemistry will be awarded. Be one of the first 10 people to email Ms Benjamin the following:
1. Title of the winning research
2. Names of the individuals who won and the countries they are from
3. A one sentence summary of the purpose of the work. (This part may be tricky but, do the best you can.)