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Define key terms of Ch. 13 & ch. 14 (pg. 380-418)


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Map Quiz V 4/24

Final map quiz.  Includes all prior plus:  Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia

Map Quiz III - 4/10

old locations plus:  Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Black Sea

Map Quiz I - 3/13

We are learning the map of Europe.  We will be learning a new section each week.  Each map quiz will be cumulative.  Spelling counts. This week, we're learning:  Atlantic Ocean Iceland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain France, Belgium Netherlands, Luxembourg. 

EC - Supporting Fellow Marauders

Extra Credit – MIS Community Support

Miraleste is a great community, and it’s important to support each other.  We have terrific events going on – basketball, soccer, robotics,  etc.   For this extra credit, you will show your support & kindness for another member of this campus by attending (or volunteering at) his/her event. This should not be an event in which you are also participating.  The event doesn’t have to be at Miraleste, but the person you’re sponsoring does need to be a Marauder (non-family member please). PEF and PTSA events count, too.  (ex. – Sketchers Walk)

While you are at the event, take a selfie.  Turn that in along with the name of the event and the name(s) of the person you’re supporting.

5 points – due a week before the end of the trimester 

Although I would love to see you support many different events, only one will count for extra credit.

Last day to turn in extra credit - 2/22

Friday last day for late/absent work of 2018.

Friday is the last day to turn in any late/absent work.  No credit will be given to work turned in after the break.

Geobee - volunteers requested

On Dec. 11, Miraleste will be having a Geobee.  The initial rounds are done in each social studies class.  Would you like to ask questions or record scores to keep me from losing my voice:P?  If interested, please let me know along with when you will be available.