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Learning the map of Asia.  This is not an assignment, but this is the only area of edlio which will allow me to attach more than one file.  Attached is a copy of the Asia map and also the list of countries.

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Japan Test - 12/20

Japan test is coming sooner than normal.  I wanted to test the students before they had 2 weeks in which to forget it.  This will be purely scantron, no written component.

Homework for Japan Unit

I was talking to the students today about differences between school in the US and Japan.  One thing I mentioned was that students hardly have any specified homework in Japan.  The expectation is that you will memorize whatever we did in class today.  I offered each class a choice between the Japanese way and the US way.  Period 1 decided on the Japanese way - they will not have specified homework (except signatures) but instead will review/study information nightly. Obviously, their test scores will have a greater impact on their grades.   Per. 2 & 6 decided to keep the US way, earning points on their homework to balance their test scores.

Geobee - volunteers requested

On Dec. 11, Miraleste will be having a Geobee.  The initial rounds are done in each social studies class.  Would you like to ask questions or record scores to keep me from losing my voice:P?  If interested, please let me know along with when you will be available.

Asia map

We will be memorizing the location of the countries of Asia.  We will learn them gradually, each week learning a new set of countries.  Each quiz will be cumulative.  Attached is an extra copy of the map.
Our first map quiz will be on 11/14.
For those of you who went to school here last year, this is just like how you memorized the countries of Europe.  The only difference is that you'll be teaching with the learning techniques.

EC - Supporting Fellow Marauders


Extra Credit – MIS Community Support

Miraleste is a great community, and it’s important to support each other.  We have terrific events going on – volleyball, baseball, etc.   For this extra credit, you will show your support & kindness for another member of this campus by attending (or volunteering at) his/her event. This should not be an event in which you are also participating.  The event doesn’t have to be at Miraleste, but the person you’re sponsoring does need to be a Marauder (non-family member please). PEF and PTSA events count, too.  (ex. – Sketchers Walk)

While you are at the event, take a selfie.  Turn that in along with the name of the event and the name(s) of the person you’re supporting.

5 points – due a week before the end of the trimester 

Although I would love to see you support many different events, only one will count for extra credit.

7th grade back to school night

Thanks to all of the parents who made it to Back-to-School night.  I know it's difficult finding that extra time.  For those of you who couldn't make it, I understand.  Some parents were asking if this would be on edlio, so here it is.