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Social Studies 8 (Period 5)

Betsy Kennedy
Social Studies

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First Trimester Final Study Guide

70 multiple-choice questions, with 4 bonus questions
If can't finish on Wednesday, will be able to finish in class on Thursday.


Here is the Ch 5 PPT to find the notes to study for the test for those of you who want them, or are taking the test early.  Please note that you ONLY LOOK at Section 1.  The Bill of Rights Amendments, and Duties of Citizenship are going to be quizzed in 2nd Trimester.

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Ch 5 PPT for notes

This is to give you the rest of the notes to help you study with the study guide for those of you who are taking the test early.
Click on Social Studies 8, assignments to see the PPT

Homework, Nov 14, due Friday, Nov 15, 2019

Do page 5 in your Constitution Packet (green packet given out in class).

Homework, Nov 12, 2019, due Nov 13, 2019

Page 8 in Constitution Packet (Green Packet given in class)

Ch 4 "Thirteen States and the Constitution" Map due tomorrow.

Click on Social Studies 8, and your period, to find the directions.

First Trimester Final Study Guide

The Final is on Wednesday, November 20.  It is all multiple-choice 70 questions covering chapters 2,3,4 & 5, Sec 1 only.  You also have 4 bonus questions.

Ch 3 Test, Wednesday, Oct 16th.

Ch 3 test 
23 multiple choice questions
5 Matching questions
Total Score:  /28
Study Guide is now posted in Assignments. Click on Social Studies 8 above to see it.

Ch 2 PowerPoint for Quiz on Wednesday, Sept 18!

Click on Social Studies 8 to see the powerpoint. Only focus on what is in red and underlined because the questions on the Ch 2 Quiz will be on some, but not necessarily all, of those notes.

Active Classroom

Please register for Active Classroom by using the link below.  Click on it and then put in your Microsoft email NOT any other email.  Please use your password that you use for your Microsoft email.  I will not see it or have it.

Homework tonight, Sept 9 due tomorrow, Sept 10

Click on Social Studies 8 above to see the homework.

Homework tonight, Sept 5, 2019 due tomorrow, Sept 6, 2019

Click on Social Studies 8, your period and see the assignment there. Follow the directions.  

Movie Permission Letter and Class Syllabus are posted. Click on link above "Social Studies 8" to find them.

Both the Movie Permission letter and the last page of the course syllabus must be signed and turned in by Tuesday, Sept 3rd.  I will also be checking supplies so make sure all supplies are purchased by this date and brought to school.  
This assignment is worth 10pts