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Science 7 (Period 2)

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End of Year Meeting Period 1/2

If you missed Friday's meeting you can join in Tuesday at 10:15 am. This meeting will only be about 5-10 minutes so please be prompt if you want to say goodbye and share any thoughts. See you Tuesday.
Time: Jun 9, 2020 10:15 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 850 4447 5209
Password: 4YNRBB

End of Year Zoom 7th Grade

Hi everyone,
Congrats on finishing up the school year by distance learning. I am so proud of all the work you guys did! You really put in a lot of hard work. I know it wasn't always easy adjusting to this new way of learning. But again I am proud of all of you!
If you would like to join in on a zoom session to say goodbye I will open up a session at 11:30 today. Here is the link information:

Meeting ID: 892 2366 9892
Password: 1GWMAj
The meeting will be very short so make sure you are there right at 11:15. Literally just a chance to see everyone and say goodbye!
The meeting will also be RECORDED.
Have a great summer and hope to see everyone back at Miraleste next year!
Ms. Zotter


  • Progress Reports are due on Friday May 8th and will be sent home.
  • EVERYONE will receive a progress report so you are aware of your current grade.
  • Many of you are missing assignments and I have notified most of you many times. These assignments have become zeros.
  • If you notice you have a missing assignment in AERIES from last week (April 27-May 1) please double check Stemscopes and make sure you actually SAVED your work and clicked TURN IN! TURN IT IN FOR CREDIT
  • From Now on if your work is not turned in by Friday you will loose points
  • ALSO, IF YOU TURN IN AN INCOMPLETE assignment I am going to take points off of the assignment or give you a zero, BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN AND COMPLETE THE ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT as directed to do on Edlio's weekly assignment directions. 
  • Any questions please email me.


1. Check to make sure you have saved and then turned in your assignments. 
2. I will be taking points off if you turn in an incomplete assignment - SO MAKE SURE YOU SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN AND ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS.


1. Check Aeries to make sure you have submitted and completed all work
2. If you have a zero or no grade for a specific assignment go back to STEMscopedia app
3. Click on the GRADES tab in stemscopedia and all assignments are in there. Find and finish the assignment and SAVE IT! Then TURN IN
4. If you turn in work unfinished you will now lose points for not completing it.


Please always go back to your assignments and make sure you ACTUALLY clicked the TURN IN button. Many of you are completing the assignments but NOT ACTUALLY clicking TURN IN. If your work gets turned in and it is not complete I will return it to you to be completed and resubmitted. Any questions please Email me.


Please read the top of my edlio page for information about the following:
1.How To Access Assignments
2. Stemscopes Login Information
3. Submitting Work
4. Scores will Be in Aeries not STemscopes
5. Current Events have been Cancelled for this trimester.

STEMscopes And Current Events

1. You do not need to complete the current event assignment for this trimester.
2. Please continue to complete the STEMscopes assignments. They will be worth 5-10 points on aeries. Do not pay attention to the Scores on Stemscopes. Credit will be given in Aeries. Check Aeries to see if you were given credit for the assignmnent.

Stemscopes Login

To Login to Stemscopes your username is your student ID number and password is your birthdate.
Do not use school email address to login. You just need your ID number

Schedule Update

We know you have received an email stating a potential schedule from district to be followed upon return from Spring Break during remote instruction. To allow for further flexibility, the MIS teachers will not be adhering to this schedule. This decision to make a schedule was made by the district without teacher input. We don't think it is prudent to put forth a schedule without the input of teachers. We want to make sure we are putting the well-being of families at the forefront of our decision making during this difficult time.  
I will keep you updated on assignments via email and edlio. Enjoy your spring break!

Use Google Chrome

Make sure you are using Chrome as your browser! Simulations and The Ck-12 Book will not work with other browsers.

School Closure Assignments

Dear Parents and Students, 

During the next few weeks while school is closed, I wanted to let you know about the expectations for completing work. In order to access the daily lessons, you will need to go to my edlio page at mis.pvpusd.net. You will click on your class period and the assignments will be in order of date, so be sure to complete them in order by date.  (Start with Monday, March 16  and work you way through to March 27)You will need to scroll down to find Monday March 16.  You will need to download and print out and complete the worksheets. If you are unable to print you may answer the questions on a separate sheet of notebook paper. Be sure to title your paper with lesson name and number. All of the assignments will need  to completed by April 6, 2020. All completed work will be brought to class on April 6.  If at anytime you have a question about an assignment please email me at zotter@pvpusd.net.