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Language Arts 8 (Period 4)

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Reading Record for June 5 is Canceled.

Please note that the Reading Record will not be collected again this trimester since late work will not be received after Friday, June 5.
You do not need to continue recording your reading for the language arts class; however, it is my sincere hope that students continue reading to prepare for the rigor high school.

Last Day to Submit Late LA Assignments: 06/05

In order to allow time to calculate final grades for the third trimester, the last day to submit late language arts assignments is June 5.
Work submitted after June 5 will not receive credit.

Zoom Meeting on Thurs., 05/21 @ 9:00 AM (IMPORTANT)

Please join me Thursday morning to discuss the answers to the guiding questions given for Act 3 and to prepare for the "Shakespeare Passage Recitation," a final project in language arts.
The invitation to the Zoom meeting is securely posted on Teams.

Live Chat (Optional) with Mrs. Bucklew on Tues., 05/19 @ 9:00 AM

I will be available to speak with students live on Teams chat on Tuesday, 05/19 @ 9:00 AM.

Zoom 05/14 PowerPoint Presentations

The Language Arts PowerPoint presentations discussed during the Zoom meeting today, 05/14, are posted on Teams.

LA8 (Optional) Zoom Meeting: Thursday, 05/14 @ 9:00 AM

Please join me for a Zoom meeting. 

We will discuss the following:

  • subtext
  • Shakespearean language, including his original insults!

Time will also be reserved for questions and answers.

The Zoom invitation is securely posted on Teams.

I hope to see you there!

LA8 (Optional) Zoom Meeting: Thurs., 04/30 @ 9:00 am

LA8 (Optional) Zoom Meeting: Thus., 04/30 @ 9:00 am
To review Act 1, Scene 1 and Shakespeare's Syntax
The invitation is securely posted on Teams.

LA8 (Optional) Zoom Meeting, 4/23 @ 9:00am

I will share some useful information to understand Shakespeare's language in A Midsummer Night's Dream, review a monologue by Helena in the first Act, and make time for questions and answers.
The invitation is in Teams.

Assignment Support Video on Teams

Please view the video posted in the language arts General "Posts" location.

Daily Writing for 10 Minutes Continues Each Week

The next date I will check your daily writing is on Friday, 05/01.
New "seeds" for writing inspiration are on the Teams site and in the Edlio homework information.

Language Arts Update

We are going to read A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare! Watch the video to understand a few of the upcoming language arts assignments.

Quick LA8 Assignments Udate

StudySync Pronouns PostTest on the online assessments was due yesterday. Students were unable to access it last night, so I will accept it for full credit if completed today. Also, the Reading Record on Teams should be ready for me to check today. I should see a minimum of five days of reading for the week. Students' Daily Writing will be checked next Friday, April 17.

Unit 4 Pronouns Online Test due Friday, 04/10

Take the Unit 4 Pronouns TEST which can be found in the StudySync Online Assessments (the SECOND rectangular box after you select the McGrawHill red icon) by Friday, 04/10. 
You will be given points for completion. Put forth your best effort, and know that you will receive full credit for completing the assessment.
If, however, students do not complete the assessment, they will receive a zero for the assignment.