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Social Studies 6 (Period 3)

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Farewell for now


I had originally planned to do zooms for the end of school but then realized that I would be on campus for much of this last week.  I can actually see you in person!  So, I offer a letter and hope to see you at school tomorrow when you turn in your textbooks.   

It’s been quite a year, and we have all learned and grown so much!  Think of the first day of school – nervous about new teachers, kids, and lockers.  You stepped in and made MIS your home.  I loved that positive energy and willingness to try new things.  Whether it be the Mesopotamia Board Game, Mr. Nicky’s raps, or embalming a classmate, you were ready to take it on.   

Then March came, and we were forced off campus.  We all had to figure out that MIS wasn’t a place but a group of people.  We had to be flexible, patient, and persistent in our transition to distance learning.   You figured out how to attach files, use Teams, read directions, zoom, and budget your time.  You’ve learned some great new skills while we’ve been at a distance. I’ve also appreciated the efforts and creativity you’ve put into your studies.  I am proud at how well you did on the cumulative test. . .okay, I know it was open note, but most of you probably did the majority of the questions from your own memory.  I really loved the review projects you did.  Powerpoints, movies, minecrafttik tok, rap, poems. . . I had a great time going through them and being reminded how clever and talented you are. 

So, seize your summer.  Enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.  I look forward to a time when it’s safe to all come on campus, and whatever that looks like, I’m confident that we’ll all work together to make it work.  Be well and take care! 

Optional zoom meeting to discuss protests & riots

This last week has seen protests & riots springing up around the nation.  If you'd like to talk about it from a social science and/or historical perspective, feel free to join.  This will not be for a grade.  It's just a discussion setting.  
Malynn Chetanna is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Optional Zoom meeting about riots
Time: Jun 1, 2020 01:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 852 6542 0197
Password: 1qnfDX

Cumulative Assessment June 3

Assessment covering information from Israel, Greece, and Rome.  (also a map covering all of the civilizations we've learned this year)

Roman Empire Test on Wednesday, May 20

We will have an open book, open note test on the Roman Empire on Wednesday, May 20.  It will not include information from the Roman Republic quiz. (content from 4/27 - 5/14)

Zoom Meeting Wednesday 10:00 AM

Review Christianity in the Empire
Malynn Chetanna is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: 6th Grade Zoom Wednesday Time: May 13, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89086131520?pwd=TTl3TDRYbHhzUDl1YVJqSVh6Y21ZUT09
Meeting ID: 890 8613 1520 Password: 0wgnhf
There will be an alternate assignment for those who can't/don't want to meet live at 10:00.

Late Work

Reminder:  I check assignments on Friday (or sometimes the weekend).  If you turn assignments in after that time, I will give you credit, but you will have to let me know that you did them.  I do not go back every day to check if someone has submitted late work.  Thank you!

Bonus spirit points

As you know, each of the next few weeks has a theme.  For a bonus point, post a picture of yourself in the theme on Teams.  For example, this week is college spirit.  So, wear something from your favorite college or make a sign for it.

Extra Credit

Extra Credit - Some students have asked about extra credit - Choose a section of the book we haven't studied yet.  Read the section and then create a poster, song, rap, ppt, etc... for it.  I'll be posting these when we do that section in order to help other students learn it better.  Due date is just before we've studied that section.  Up to 10 points extra credit.  Although you may do it more than once, I will only give you extra credit for the 1st time.


PLEASE READ:  As I'm going through and grading your paragraphs, I am noticing that many people have assignments that say "turned in" but don't actually have any work connected.  Please go back and check your entries and do any re-attaching you need to do.  For now, I'm presuming it is a mistake.  I will check back in a couple of days.  If you haven't re-attached your work, I'll change your scores to 0s which you won't be able to make up. 

This week 4/20-4/24

This week, we're going to take the first couple of days to look at the census, why it's important and what kind of things it can show us.  On Wednesday, we will have a kahoot review on zoom.  Per. 2-3:  10:00    Per. 4-5:  10:30.    (or you'll be given a separate assignment if you don't want to or can't attend the meeting.)  You will then take your quiz on Thursday (Yes, I moved it from Wednesday to Thursday)  We'll then do our Week in Rap zoom meeting on Friday.  (otherwise, you do the paragraph, like usual.)

Online zoom meetings - what if you miss it?

I will occasionally have zoom meetings.  I am aware, though that everyone's schedule is different and some are more challenging.  It's okay if you don't make it to the meeting.  I will always either give an alternative option for those who can't come or just make the meeting itself optional.  It's great for connecting, but it won't be critical to anyone's grade.

Online Homework Policy

  1. Assignments are posted and submitted on Teams.​
  2.  Weekly homework check –I will still post homework daily, but if you want to upload weekly instead of daily, I will only be checking on Friday.  ​
  3. You may still turn in work daily and see the verification on Teams that you've turned them in.​
  4. Late assignments are still accepted – If you're a little late or had a difficult time starting, no problem.  Turn in the old assignments as you complete them.  Please attach to an e-mail to me so I'm sure to change Aeries. ​
  5. If I've made a mistake in your grade, please attach the document to the e-mail or tell me it's on Teams.  ​
  6. Don't stress!  If you have any questions?  Just ask.  If you need extra time, ok.  It's all about flexibility.  Just let me know if you need something!