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Social Studies 8 (Period 3)

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Could not find any upcoming assignments due.

See all posted assignments for this class.


All late/missing assignments are due FRIDAY, June 5, 2020.

All late and/or missing assignments can be turned in for FULL CREDIT by next Friday, June 5th.  No late work will be accepted after that time except for extenuating circumstances.

Final assignment: Chapter 16 Questions due June 4th

Chapter 16 Questions on all 3 sections are up. Click on Social Studies 8 to see them.  There are no videos, no maps. This is the final assignment.

Ch 15, Section 5 questions are up

Click on Social Studies 8 above, and then on the assignment for Ch 15, Sec 1-4 to see the final questions from the videos, and textbook/PowerPoint for Ch 15, Sec 5.  These are all due tomorrow, May 27th, 2020.  A SEPARATE Ch 15, Sec 5 Worksheet is also posted and is due Thurs, May 28th, 2020.

Ch 15, Section 4 Questions are up.

Ch 15, Sec 4 Questions are up. Click on Social Studies 8 above, then scroll down to the assignments for the questions on Sec 1-3; add your answers to Sec 4, making sure to title the section first, before you answer.  The entire Word document is due May 27th.

Ch 15 Civil War Map due Friday

Click on Social Studies 8 above to access map and directions.  Tomorrow, questions for Ch 15, Sec 4 will be posted to add to your Ch 15 Questions Word document due Weds, May 27th. This map is a separate assignment.  It is due Friday, May 22.

Chapter 15, Section 3 Worksheet due Weds, May 20, 2020

Click on Social Studies 8 above to see worksheet.  It is separate from the Ch 15 Questions.  Submit it separately May 20th.

Chapter 15, Sec 3 Videos and Questions are up

Click on Social Studies 8 to see the new videos and the new questions.  Don't forget to add your answers to the same word document as sections 1 & 2.

Ch 15, Sec 2 Videos and Questions are up.

Click on Social Studies 8, then assignments to see the videos and questions added and the PPT's updated.
There is no section 2 worksheet at this time.

Ch 15, Sec 1 Worksheet due Friday, May 15, 2020.

Ch 15, Sec 1 Worksheet is in Assignments. It is the chart with the strategies and the advantages and disadvantages between the North and the South.  Click on Social Studies 8 above and then on the Ch 15 Assignments.

Chapter 15 The Civil War

Click on Social Studies 8 above to see the PowerPoint, videos and assignments for Chapter 15 The Civil War.  

Ch 14, Sec 4 Worksheet due Friday, May 8th

Click on Social Studies 8 above to see the PowerPoint and Ch 14, Sec 4 worksheet.  Follow directions.

Ch 14 Section 1 Worksheet due Friday, April 24, Ch 14 Section 2 Worksheet is due Wednesday, Apr 29, 2020.

Last week we started notes and once you have read through the PowerPoint, and using your textbook as well, fill out the Ch 14, Sec 1 Worksheet and share it back with me.  Save the worksheet, type in your answers in the blanks, then save again and share with me.  

Ch 14, Section 2 Worksheet is up as of today, Monday, Apr 27th and it is due Wednesday, Apr 29th.  


If you have problems, let me know.  kennedy@pvpusd.net


Chapter 14 A Divided Nation - Map due: April 22.

Download and print the map:  The United States before the Civil War.
Fill out the map according to the directions provided.  Then once, completed and colored, take a picture of the map and send that picture, as an attachment, to kennedy@pvpusd.net
Please click on Social Studies 8 above to see the map and directions.