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Dance (Period 5)

Course Description

Welcome to MIS dance! In this course you will:  
• Improve strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and coordination.
• Practice and perform movement combinations in a variety of dance genres.
• Create and perform original works of choreography.
• Research cultural and historical influences of dance.
• Develop an awareness of musical and rhythmic elements.
• Learn and utilize appropriate dance vocabulary.
• Critique performances based on aesthetic, technical, and artistic values.
• Improve overall health, self-image, and physical well-being.
• Have fun!!

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Dance while we are on break

Hello all 8th grade dance students and families! As we enter into this time of school closure, I will be communicating with you via my Edlio page, please subscribe so that you can get notifications when something is added! It is important that we all get our exercise to stay healthy and well, I would like all 8th grade dance students to get one hour of exercise per day. Exercise includes a variety of activities: dancing, walking, running, hiking, basketball, riding your bike ect. Please check Edlio daily as I will be posting links to dance exercise videos on my Edlio page, and will also be posting various other assignments daily such as video critiques and reading with responses. 
Ms. Jackson