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PVC Math 6 Accl

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Assignments for 4/9/20

Hi everyone! I just posted the assignments for Thursday, 4/9/20 because there is a scheduled power outage at my house that could occur as long as 8am to 4pm. In case that happens, I want you to have access to your materials! Furthermore, I may not be available to respond to emails or teams posts tomorrow. I will check in as regularly as I can; thanks for your flexibility!

Mistake on Graphing Dot Plots - Example 3

Hi all! On this handout, I accidently made the frequency for 8:30 2 and put 2 dots on the dot plot. However, it should be 3 and 3 dots on the dot plot. Sorry! 

Here's the video instructions

Hi 6A students! I'm so sorry; I forgot to post the directions for how to access the videos! I just posted them right now (10:54am), so check the assignments due March 17 and open that document. 

Explanation of Due Dates

Hi Math 6A students! I hope everything is going relatively smoothly so far! Here is a clarification on due dates: everything that is due March 17 is material you are supposed to do on March 17. Please email me if you have any question about anything! Remember the online test is this Friday, March 20, and calculators are allowed! 

Ch 8 Test Friday, 3-20-20

The Chapter 8 Test has been moved to this Friday. It will be on sections 8.1-8.4 (drawing 3D solids and finding edges, faces, and vertices, surface area of prisms and pyramids, and volume of prisms). Calculators are allowed on this test. The test will be either on Microsoft 365 or BigIdeasMath.