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Science 8 (Period 2)

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5.19 - 5.21 Assignment is ready Intro to Cladograms

You have an additional day to work on this assignment, Introduction to Cladograms. The note taking is quite detailed (handout available) but it's important to take detailed notes on this topic. 

5.14 to 5.15 Assignment is ready on OneNote

Head over to the (MAY) Assignments tab on OneNote to access the next assignment History of Life on Earth Part 3: Mass Extinctions and reflection 

5.11.2020 Sciene 8 Check in plus a Homologous Structures Review is ready

Based on the results, Homologous Structures and Analogous Structures needs more attention. As part of the Check in PowerPoint, there are additional slides and a FORM link for homologous and analogous structures. It's worth points, s be sure to submit it. 

5.4.2020 The Check-in is ready

You'l' find the assignment in OneNote (MAY) Assignments tab.!
May the fourth be with you! =) 

4.27.2020 Embryological Development is ready on OneNote

Be sure to watch the recording showing how to login to Legends of Learning and how to access the assignment. =)

4.30.2020 - 5.1.2020 Assignment is ready on OneNote

The next assignment is ready to go. Be sure to watch the videos narrated by Ms. Colgan. She provides really good instructions on to navigate through the Smithsonian. =)  The PowerPoint videos took some time to start playing. Please, be patient. If it doesn't in a minute or two, email me at benjaminr@pvpusd.net
4.30 - Check your school email for my office hours- happening today!

4/23/2020 Homologous Structures is available on OneNote

Hey everyone!
You assignment, Homologous Structures, is available on OneNote. There is a handout to print out. If you are unable to print it out, write directly on the lines of your IN. 
Your grade depends on how you answer the questions on FORMS. You earn points by answering questions and prompts correctly. 
Only email pictures of your assignment AFTER you have attempted to upload them in the FORMS link and they would not upload. But, you need to still submit answers to the questions even if you cannot upload your pictures. =) 

4/20/2020 - 4/22/2020 Earth Day!

The weekly check-in is ready on OneNote.
To celebrate Earth Day, 4/22, you have an Earth Day tic-tac-toe choice board. It is also ready on OneNote


As we wrap up another week, the FORMS link for the assignment, Your Inner Fish, is embedded in the assignment's PowerPoint. You can access the assignment in the OneNote (APRIL) Assignments tab on the date it was assigned (4/14). =) 

4/14/2020 Assignment is ready on OneNote

Students, you'll find the assignment in the (APRIL) Assignments tab in OneNote for today's date.=) 

Tues 4/7 and Wed 4/8 Assignment is ready on OneNote!

Hi all!
Over spring break I had the chance to watch an instructional video on how to draw one of my favorite DISNEY characters, Jack Skellington.  I gotta say, I am impressed with my drawing and you'll see it in the PowerPoint. 
So many students tell my they can't draw and consequently, don't like to draw models in science. Today's assignment will give you a short introduction into the importance of scientific illustrations and you'll practice drawing. I can't wait to see what you submit! =)