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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Allows students to use their personal technology device on our campus WiFi network. The purpose of this program is to allow students greater access to technology and learning resources on campus.

  • Prior to participating, both students and parents should review the Acceptable Use Agreement of Electronic Resources for Students and Parents  (This document can be viewed by clicking the title on the right hand side of this screen or clicking the PDF file at the bottom of this page).
  • There are no separate forms to be signed and returned as all students agreed to abide by the District’s Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources policy, which is submitted during Registration.
  • Students will setup a unique district account, on a school computer.  This will allow them access to the school WiFi
After these steps have been completed, students will be able to register a personal device for WiFi access.


Is this a requirement?
No, students are not required to bring or use their own technology device at school.

What rules or guidelines are a student required to comply?
This information is available in the “Acceptable Use Agreement of Electronic Resources for Students and Parents”, which should be read and understood by both parents and students.

What types of devices can a student use?
Devices with WiFi capability that can be used for academic learning purposes.  Smartphone, tablet, laptop, e-Reader.  Laptops will require an up to date anti-virus program.

Where and when can a student use a personal technology device?
There is WiFi coverage throughout our school campus, which can be used during school hours.  Devices may be used before school and at lunch. Classroom use is at the discretion of the teacher. All classroom and campus rules must be followed as well as the guidelines stated in the Acceptable Use Agreement of Electronic Resources for Students and Parents.

What if a personal device is damaged, broken, lost or stolen at school?
Students bring personal technology devices at their own risk. The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District will not be held responsible.

What is the setup process?
Students will be required to create their own network account on a district computer.  Account setup information will be provided to students. Students will have a unique login and password that should not be shared with other students.  Students will also setup password recovery security questions, which will help assist them if they forget or need to change their password.  After the above process is completed, the student can then register their personal device using their own username and password.

Will students receive assistance accessing the campus network?
Yes, staff will be able to assist students.

Will staff provide hardware & technical support?
Staff will be able to assist students with the process of registering a device and accessing the campus WiFi network.  Staff will not troubleshoot, diagnose or repair software or hardware issues on personal devices.

Will the Internet service be filtered?
Yes, service will be content filtered.