Tri. 1 Week 12 11/12 ~ 11/15

Tuesday - Thursday read and record 10 minutes on your HRC November (due Wednesday, November 20th).


Tuesday:  Classwork: Book Talk Book Report Presentations

HW: R/R 10 mins


Wednesday: Classwork: Finish Book Talk Book Report Presentations.

HW: R/R 10 mins; HT#A Quickwrite (1 page/2 paragraphs) and HT#B Summary Chapter 2 and 3 (1 page) due tomorrow.


Thursday: Classwork: Turn in HTA Quickwrite and HTB Summary Ch. 2-3.  Begin HT#1 Survival Item Sketch and Paragraph:  1. Design a Survival Item with the materials provided.  2. Draw a sketch of your item.  3.  Write a paragraph discussing the challenges your would face, describing the items you made, telling what it is made of, and explaining how it would be useful.

HW: R/R 10 mins; Finish HT#1 Survival Item Sketch and Paragraph.


Friday: Classwork: Read Ch. 4-5 of Hatchet and answer discussion questions.  begin reading Gary Paulsen's biography and summarize it into 2-3 paragraphs (1 page)

HW: Have a great weekend!