Tri. 2 Week 1 12/2 ~ 12/6

Monday - Thursday  read and record 10 minutes on your HRC December (due Thursday, 12/19). 


Monday: Classwork: Receive HRC December;

Finish HT#6 Illustration/Explanation: 1.Choose any scene that we have read about in Hatchet. 

 2. Draw and color the scene on the top half of the page (color/shade completely/no pencil showing). 

 3. Put the title/heading on the lower half of the page. 

4. Write a paragraph (under the title/heading) summarizing what happened in the scene.  Describe how this scene was, is or will be important to the story.

HW: R/R 10 mins; HT#1 Survival Item Sketch and Paragraph and HT#2 Gary Paulsen Biography (1 college ruled page/2-3 paragraphs) will be submitted for points tomorrow.


Tuesday:  Classwork: Turn in HT#1 and HT#2; go over Narrative Essay grades; Read Ch. 13 in Hatchet.

HW: R/R 10 mins; finish HT#6 Illustration/Explanation (if not finished)


Wednesday: Classwork: Contest for Prizes; Read Ch. 14 in Hatchet; Begin HT#7 Comp. Q's 2-4 (see handout posted in "Posts.")

HW: R/R 10 mins; continue HT#7 Comp. Q's 2-4.


Thursday: Classwork: Finish HT#7 Comp. Q's 2-4 (see handout posted in "Posts"); begin HT#8 Context Clues (15 Vocabulary Words).  Scavenger Hunt: Find words in text (Ch.'s 13-17).  Write the page number down next to each word.

HW: R/R 10 mins; Finish HT#7 Comp. Q's 2-4 if you didn't finish during class (see handout posted in "Posts").


Friday: Classwork: Work on HT#8 Context Clues (15 Vocab. Words) Define the 15 words using context clues; check actual definitions in the dictionary and make corrections. Read Ch. 15 in Hatchet.

HW: Have a great weekend!