Reminder/Note to Parents: We will be watching the PG movie A Cry in the Wild next week! =)


In the Course Policies for the class, I listed that we will be watching the movie A Cry in the Wild.  The movie will be shown next week and is based on Hatchet (the novel that we just completed), so we will then be able to compare and contrast the two stories.  This movie is rated PG.  In my observation it contains a few bad words, has brief nudity (from behind as Brian jumps into the lake), and some violence (including fighting with a bear).  Although you already signed that you know that the movie will be shown, I just want to give you the opportunity to let me know if you do not want your child to view it.  Children, whose parents don't want them to watch, will go to a different location during the movie and will be given an alternate assignment to complete.  Thank you very much for the kind support. 

Sincerely, Mrs. Dawa