Tri. 2 Week 4 1/6/20 ~ 1/10/20

Monday - Thursday  read and record 10 minutes on your HRC January (due Friday, 1/31). 

Monday: Classwork: Complete "Blast: Ancient Ruins" Activity on Online Textbook (in portal).

HW: R/R 10 mins


Tuesday:  Classwork: Pass back papers.  Online Textbook (in Portal): Read "Hatshepsut: His Majesty, Herself." Use context clues to define (in text boxes) the 5 boldfaced vocabulary words.  Check answers in dictionary.

HW: R/R 10 mins


Wednesday: Classwork: Online Textbook (in Portal): Watch Hatshepsut Study Sync Video (Collaborative Conversation).  Answer Think Q's 1-3 using the ACE method (Answer question; Cite evidence; Explain how the evidence proves your answer) 

HW: Finish and Submit Hatshepsut: His Majesty, Herself Think Q's 1-3.


Thursday: Classwork: Online Textbook: Peer Edit Hatshepsut Think Q's 1-3; begin lesson "Informational Text Elements" (take notes).

HW: R/R 10 mins (finish reading the biography (100 pgs or more) that you chose by 1/28)


Friday: Classwork: Online Textbook: Go over answers to Hatshepsut Think Q's 1-3. Begin Hatshepsut Close Read. Complete Vocabulary and begin collaborative discussion and answering Focus Q's (in text boxes).

HW: Have a great weekend!