Tri. 2 Week 9 2/10 ~ 2/14

Each night Monday-Thursday read and record 10 mins on your HRC February (see handout for directions)  HRC February is due Friday 2/28/19.


Monday, 2/10/20 

Classwork: Finish "Monster" Essay, swap essays to prepare to draw friend's monster.

HW:  R/R 10 mins; Biography Project due stapled tomorrow:  1. Title Page, 2. Biography (3 paragraphs), 3. Works Cited, 4. Outline.


Tuesday, 2/11/20 

Classwork: Turn in Biography Project:  1. Title Page, 2. Biography (3 paragraphs), 3. Works Cited, 4. Outline; Complete Illustration of  Friend’s Monster:

Read your friend’s Monster Informative Essay.

Draw your friend’s monster/alien the size of half of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper.  The monster should take up most of the piece of paper.  Draw the background of the picture based on your friend’s description.  If they did not describe it, design your own background. 

Color and shade it completely.  There should be no pencil on the final draft.

On the back of the paper write: “My friend: (and your friend’s name).”  Then, write “My friend’s monster name: (and the name)”, and then write: “Drawn by (and your name).” 


HW:  R/R 10 mins; finish Friend's Monster Illustration


Wednesday, 2/12/20 

Classwork: 10 mins. work time to finish Monster Project; compare monsters; raffle; change jobs.


HW:  R/R 10 mins.


Thursday, 2/13/20 

Classwork: Change jobs; complete

FW#1 Quickwrite: Prereading

(at least one page/college ruled paper/2 paragraphs

Think about a time you observed someone being treated unfairly.  Describe the situation in detail.  How might the person have felt?  Did anyone challenge the injustice or help the person?  If so, how?  Looking back, was there something more that you could have done?  Explain.

HW:  R/R 10 mins; finish FW#1 Quickwrite


Friday, 2/14/20 

Classwork: Valentine's Day Acrostic Poem: Cut a heart shape out of an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of colorful paper.  In the middle of the heart write the name of someone you care about.  Then write an adjective for each letter of the name (cascading down from each letter).  Decorate the heart, show it to the teacher, and then give it to the person to brighten his or her day.

HW: Have a wonderful weekend! =)