Tri. 3 Week 1 3/9 ~ 3/13

Monday-Thursday read and record 10 mins on your HRC March (see handout for directions)  HRC March is due Thursday, 3/26/20.


Freedom Walkers Test has been postponed until further notice.


Monday, 3/9/20 

Classwork: (substitute) Continue FW#8 Newspaper Article

HW:  R/R 10 mins.


Tuesday, 3/10/20

Classwork: Read Chapter 7 in Freedom Walkers; continue FW#8 Newspaper Article; add 20. Martin Luther King, Sr. to FW#2 People Log; work time

HW: R//R 10 mins; finish FW#8 Newspaper Article 


Wednesday, 3/11/20

Classwork: "Lift Every Voice and Sing" Videos; begin FW#10 Lift Every Voice and Sing: Read, define vocab using context clues and check answers in the dictionary; answer Q's 1-3 using the ACE method.

HW: R/R 10 mins; finish FW# 10 "Q's 1-3" (see handout)


Thursday, 3/12/20

Classwork: Complete FW#10 Lift Every Voice and Sing Writing Prompt (6-8 sentence paragraph/use evidence/explain); read Ch. 8 in Freedom Walkers.

HW: R/R 10 mins; finish FW#10 "Writing Prompt" (see handout); print note from Edlio.


Friday, 3/13/20

Classwork: School Closed! Remember to continue reading your Newbery Medal Award Winning book (Gold or Silver Medal) of 100 pages or more by April 16th, 2020.

HW:  Have a great weekend! Be sure to check Edlio each day (Monday -Friday) for required assignments during our school closure. 


Stay safe and healthy!