FW#11 Freedom Walkers Summary/Vocab. Directions

FW#11 Summary/Vocabulary Freedom Walkers: Based on what you remember, please write a 1-2 page/at least 2 (indented) paragraph summary of Freedom Walkers.  In the summary, please use and underline the following 20 vocabulary words:
1. Supremacy (n) Domination; the condition of having authority.
2. Disqualify (v) To declare ineligible​
3. Reverie (n) A daydream; a state of absent-minded musing​
4. Concession (n) An admission or allowance; a compromise​
5. Mobilize (v) To gather for a purpose; to assemble and put into motion​
6. Civic (adj) Having to do with citizenship; community minded​
7. Galvanize (v) To inspire people to act for a cause or a purpose.​
8. Scrutiny (n) Examination; critical inspection​
9. Acquit (v) To clear a person of criminal charges; to declare not guilty​
Ex. The judge acquitted the man who had been charged with robbery.​
10. Retaliation (n) Harm done to someone else because he or she harmed you; revenge​
11. Jubilant (adj.) Overjoyed; exuberant​
12. Balk (v) To hesitate; to feel unwilling or unconvinced​
13. Potent (adj.) Powerful; mighty; strong​
14. Status (n) Rank; position; social standing​
15. Bolster (v) To strengthen; reinforce; prop up​
16. Sympathizer (n) Someone who supports an opinion, idea, or cause​
17. Exploit (v) To use for one’s own gain; to harness​
18. Negotiate (v) To converse or debate with the goal of reaching an agreement​
Ex. When it came to borrowing his car, my father refused to negotiate.​
19. Cajole (v) To persuade by continued coaxing​
20. Condemnation (n) A statement of disapproval; criticism​