Week #7 LA6 Online Instruction and Assignments 5/4 ~ 5/8


Updated Week 7 Schedule 5/4/20 ~ 5/8/20

Monday ~Tuesday, 5/4/20 ~ 5/5/20 Video #8 Explanation and Assignment Study Sync #6 "Staying Power Blast" to be submitted in Study Sync.

First, view Video #8 Explanation of Blast: Staying Power Assignment.

Log in to your school portal, and click on “McGraw Hill,” and then “Launch” your Study Sync textbook. Click on the assignment titled “Blast: Staying Power.”  Read the article and type your blast.  Submit the blast in Study Sync, and then score and comment on at least 15 of your classmates’ blasts.

Wednesday ~ Thursday, 5/6/20 ~ 5/7/20

Make-up Work Day!!  There is a lot of missing work from over the last couple of weeks; therefore, I have decided not to assign additional work today for 5/6-5/7.  Please spend today and tomorrow making up any missing work that you have not completed.  If you are done with everything, then please spend the next couple of days choosing and reading a good novel! =)

Friday, 5/8/20 

Free Reading Day! Spend 30 minutes reading a novel of your choice!