Please spend today and tomorrow working on submitting missing work

*****  There is a lot of missing work from over the last couple of weeks; therefore, I have decided not to assign additional work today for Wednesday, 5/6- Thursday, 5/7.  Please spend today and tomorrow making up any missing work that you have not completed.  If you are done with everything, then please spend the next couple of days choosing and reading a good novel!  =)




Here is the complete list of assignments so far during our online curriculum:

Complete List of Assignments during School Closure for LA6 (through May 8th)


From Study Sync textbook "McGraw Hill" (in school portal)
1. SS#1 First read "Celebrities as Heroes"
2. SS#2  Arguments and Claims
3. SS#5 Close read "Celebrities as Heroes"
4. SS#4 Teenage Heroes Blast

5. SS#5 First read “Lightening Thief”

6. SS#6 Staying Power Blast

From "Teams" (in school portal)
7. Teams#1 Two paragraph description of his experience during Online Learning 
8. FW#11 Freedom Walker's Summary with Vocabulary Words
9. Teams #2 Theme and Tone activity
10. Teams #3 Identifying Pronouns 
11. Teams #4 Tri. 3 Book Report

      Teams #5 Point of View (not submitted)

12. Teams #6 Collaborative Discussion Paragraph