Week #8 and Week #9 Schedule 5/11 ~ 5/22 Interview Project (2 Weeks) 15 points

Hi there.  Here is the schedule for the next 2 weeks.  Note that there will only one video lesson during this time: Video #9 Explanation of Interview Project (found on the "Posts" page in Teams).

Interview Regarding Interesting Event: Questions, Answers and Summary Project (15 points)

Week 1

Monday-Tuesday, 5/11 ~ 5/12

  1. Watch Video #9 Explanation of Interview Project.

  2. Choose someone that you would like to interview regarding an interesting part or event in his or her life.  You can ask anyone about any story that they wish to share (Grandparents, Parents, Siblings, Extended Family, Friends, etc.).

  3. TEAMS #7 Ten Interview Questions: Type 10 interview questions that plan on asking the person that you are going to interview. If you find this difficult, feel free to talk to the person a little bit before the interview to get an idea of which questions would be appropriate. Also, when thinking of questions, keep in mind the 6 Journalistic Question Words: Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? (5 points) *Due Tuesday, 5/12

Wednesday-Thursday, 5/13 ~ 5/14

  1. Conduct the interview with the person. Take notes and write down their answers to the 10 questions (rough draft).  Don’t submit this part, yet.

Friday, 5/15 Free Reading Day/Catch-up on Missing Work Day

Week 2

Monday-Tuesday, 5/18 ~ 5/19

  1. Teams #8 Answers to Ten Interview Questions: Take your rough draft notes and type the answers to the 10 interview questions into TEAMS and submit. Please use complete sentences (5 points) *Due Tuesday, 5/19

Wednesday-Thursday, 5/20 ~ 5/21

  1. Teams #9 Summary of the Event: Type a 2-3 (indented) paragraph description of the interesting event that took place in the person’s life. Don’t forget to include a grabbing lead, detailed paragraphs and a closing sentence at the end (5 points). (5 points) *Due Thursday, 5/21

Friday, 5/22 Free Reading Day/Catch-up on Missing Work Day