Week #10 ~ #11 Schedule 5/26 ~ 6/5 (Last 2 Weeks of School)

Week #10 ~ #11 Schedule (Last 2 Weeks of School)

Watch Video #10 Final Video: Last 2 Weeks of School


Tuesday/Wednesday, 5/26~5/27

Teams #10 Kindness Challenge and Paragraph (5 points) due Wednesday 5/27

How can you spread happiness during this quarantine? Think about and describe someone special to you. Ask yourself what you could do for that person and how your actions might bring happiness to his or her life. Finally, write a detailed paragraph describing the person and your plan to spread happiness in his or her direction.  When you are finished, be sure to follow your plan! =)

Thursday/Friday, 5/28~5/29

Thank You Note
Write a thank you note to someone who has helped or inspired you. Tell that person what he or she has done for you and why you are grateful. Do not turn in your letter to me. Instead, mail or email it to the person.

Monday/Tuesday, 6/1~6/2

Teams #11 Ten Qualities/Memories of Miraleste (5 points) due Tuesday, 6/2
Make a list of ten qualities you like, events you remember fondly, and things you miss or will miss about being a 6th grader at Miraleste Intermediate School. Please focus on the positives!

Wednesday/Thursday, 6/3~6/4 (Last Assignment for Trimester 3)

Teams #12 Looking Forward to Next Year Paragraph (5 points) due Thursday, 6/4
Write a detailed paragraph discussing your feelings about next year. What are you looking forward to in 7th Grade? What do you think school will look like after the quarantine? How do you predict things will be different?

Friday, 6/5
Free Reading/Make-up Work Day

The last day to turn in work for Trimester 3 is Friday, 6/5