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Guidance and Counseling » MIS Strong! (Coping Skills)

MIS Strong! (Coping Skills)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Management of Anxiety and Stress
This 20 minute YouTube clip helps manage stress and anxiety.
Box Breathing
This 11 minute YouTube clip explains what is box breathing and why it helps relieve anxiety and stress.
Calm, Headspace, and Calm, Stop, Breathe and Think are all easy to use and provide exercises to decrease stress.
Journaling can help problem-solve, process events by fully exploring and releasing the emotions involved.  Relationships can improve, focus can improve; it can strengthen the immune system, counteract the negative effects of stress and can increase emotional intelligence.  At the smallest level, creativity and self-expression relieves tension.  On the grandest level, it changes lives.
Recommended reading for adults "Opening Up: the Healing Power of Expressing Emotion" by Dr. James Pennebaker
Recommended journals for students "My Friend Fear" or "Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration" by Meera Lee Patel.
Art to Heal
Design a memory box or scrap book to store important memories.  
Draw, paint, make a collage, make postcards to mail to teachers, friends and family and stay connected.