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Vaping, Marijuana & Fentanyl Information

Free Mental Health App for Teens
Soluna is a free Mental Health App for 13–25-year-olds in California.  The app allows you to post a question, get or give advice or just chat about whatever's on your mind-all while connecting with others on their own mental health journeys.  No smart phone?  No worries!  Soluna offers professional over the phone coaching in 19 languages.  Just click the chat icon to create an account and gain access to free telecoaching sessions.  If you're in crisis, dial 988 to talk to someone anonymously at Crisis Lifeline.  Feeling stuck?  You can use the app to schedule a session or simply drop in, no strings or cost attached.  Finally, you can use the app to destress and reset using the interactive tools like Thought Shaker, Starboard and Mood Log.  All are research backed and designed to bring calm, confidence and focus.